5 Reasons Your Ecommerce Store Needs To Stop Using Mailchimp

Are you trying to grow your ecommerce business but still using Mailchimp for your email and automation marketing? Now is the time to make the switch.

Something we see a lot at Greenfish Marketing, particularly in our initial strategy calls, is that someone has seen a really great example of an email marketing send they want to use as inspiration and can’t because they’re using Mailchimp and it just doesn’t offer that functionality. Other times, people just aren’t aware of what they could be doing on another platform. 

It’s not that we’re completely anti-Mailchimp. It’s still a great and affordable tool for basic audiences and email marketing sends.

Unfortunately, it’s also a tool that many businesses outgrow. It just doesn’t have the same levels of automation, segmentation and details that some of the other platforms on the market offer. You eventually reach a cap of what you can achieve using Mailchimp. 

Here’s five reasons why Mailchimp might be what’s standing between you and that growth you want to achieve. 

Mailchimp Isn’t The Cheapest Option

For most serious ecommerce businesses who are using their software and applications to their maximum potential, Mailchimp is not as affordable as it looks at first glance.

Yes there’s free and very low rate options based on audience size, but as your audience grows (which it should exponentially if your business is doing well) the fees you need to pay to both manage a bigger audience and activate the tools and features you need to genuinely and effectively engage them, Mailchimp ends up costing the same (and sometimes more) than some of the platforms like Klaviyo that might seem more expensive but that’s usually only because they advertise up front pricing that includes full functionality. 

The Segmentation & Visibility Is Limited

Segmentation is what lets you send automated but highly personalised and effective communication to your audience.

We’ve often used the scenario of the car yard who needs to be able to differentiate between people who have test driven a car VS people who have bought one (and when) because those are obviously very different audiences. That’s basic bare bones segmentation, that virtually any platform can do (including Mailchimp).

Mailchimp can tell you who opens your emails, when they open them and if they click any links but that’s about it. You can’t really do much with that information without extreme manual intervention. 

Where more powerful segmentation – that Mailchimp just can’t do – comes into its own is in using your customer’s behaviour with how they interact with your emails and communication to determine what you send them next, when, how and more. When done effectively – which is easy and cost effective to do when you’re using the right email marketing platform – this is the kind of personalisation that really engages your audience and grows your business. 

The Automation Isn’t Great

Again. For the most simple automations, Mailchimp works fine. So if you are like that car yard we mentioned and you want to remind new car buyers that their car is due for a service, it’s easy done. 

But that kind of automation isn’t what boosts revenue, especially not in the competitive world of ecommerce businesses where your customers are probably on platforms like TikTok and Instagram seeing those viral products and about to click “add to cart” when they could be spending their money with you.

Platforms like Klayvio have such sophisticated AI and automations that they’re able to hit your customers with a customised, timely email that converts and keeps them loyal and engaged with your brand. The best part of this is that they really aren’t that cumbersome to set up either, and once they’re done, your email marketing platform becomes your highest performing sales staff member, automatically

Mailchimp’s Integrations Are Afterthoughts 

Mailchimp hasn’t been designed to work with and integrate with platforms like Shopify and the other big players in the ecommerce space. Mailchimp was designed to work before these applications existed.

This means that while you can integrate Mailchimp and Shopify (or whichever ecommerce platform you use) it’s not usually a seamless user experience and functionality can be compromised. 

You know how house renovations that haven’t been done as well clearly show where the new part of the home starts and the old remains, whereas a higher calibre build doesn’t have such a clear division of old and new? Using Mailchimp with some of the more contemporary platforms is kind of like being in the disjointed renovation. It works “fine” but there’s room for improvement. And in online marketing, if there’s room for improvement in how something performs, there’s money being left on the table.

Platforms like Klaviyo aren’t just built to work with Shopify and other ecommerce hosts – they’re designed to excel with Shopify and other ecommerce hosts and that’s where Mailchimp just pulls up short. 

Mailchimp’s Support is Lacking

Again, let’s face it, a lot of these tech platforms are faceless giants and it can be hard to make it through the maze of user generated FAQ responses, help articles and automated responses to get real help from a real person when you need it. 

But of all the email marketing platforms we’ve used when we’ve been sending millions of emails for our clients, Mailchimp’s is consistently the one that is hardest to get the help you need when you need it.

Not only do platforms like Klaviyo have better support infrastructure in place, they also engage, train and partner with agencies like ours so that we can provide a better experience and get better results with their platform. And we only have real people working with us so you’ll be able to speak to a human the first time, every time if you need to troubleshoot. 

Full Service Klaviyo Migration from Mailchimp

We’ve been seeing some absolutely stellar results from our latest email marketing campaigns lately. One customer even made $12,000 from a single send after they started working with us – they’d never gotten those kinds of results before.

So are you ready to full automate your Klaviyo service and move from Mailchimp onto a system that will help you make more money?

Then get in touch with our team today to get started!

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