5 Reasons Your Ecommerce Business Needs To Upgrade to Klaviyo

We’re not being dramatic here but the right tools, systems and software optimised the right way for your business and its goals is such a hack when it comes to being able to grow your revenue.

Your email marketing platform should be your hardest working team member. Ideally, it doesn’t just email either – it sends the right customer (or lead) the right message at the right time in the right way to make you money. 

Your email marketing platform should be Klaviyo. Here’s why. 

1. Klaviyo Is Easy and Intuitive To Use 

Usability of the new system is often something that makes people baulk at upgrading, even when they know it’s time and they need the functions of a new platform. 

When we’re migrating customers to Klaviyo from another platform, they’re always shocked at just how comfortable and confident they feel using Klaviyo after our training session with them. For all its automation functionality and sophisticated technology behind it, Klaviyo’s front end is incredibly user friendly.

Of all the platforms we’ve used – and we’ve sent literally millions of emails for our clients over the years so we’ve robustly used most of the big ones – Klaviyo has the most intuitive, easy to use, easy to customise interface.

You don’t need to have high levels of technical ability and know how to confidently do what you need to do.

Not that you end up needing it much, but Klaviyo’s support system is next level too. You can actually get through to talk to a human if you run into problems and they’re responsive too. Your requests don’t just sit in a random queue for weeks. 

2. Klaviyo (Really) Works With Your Other Systems

And we mean really works too. Klaviyo integrates with all the big eCommerce platforms seamlessly. Again. There’s a lot of technology going on behind the scenes but all you see is a one or two step connection between your store and your email marketing platform and it’s done. It stays done too. Once you’re set up in Klaviyo, your software does the rest for you automatically. 

Klaviyo was developed to integrate like this. Some of the other email marketing systems were developed to work as stand alone programs and the integration came second … and it shows.

Not only that but Klaviyo brings in and uses your historical data too. Gone are the days where you have to start again with your customer information, or spend hours manually updating things. Klaviyo integrates in a way it’s like you’ve always had the system optimised this way. 

3. Klaviyo Has No Hidden Costs 

We love Klaviyo’s upfront pricing model. It makes it so easy to factor the costs into your budget and plan your growth.

You don’t have to pay more to use its features and functionalities either, they’re all built into a very easy to understand tiered payment system.

This is a really important feature to highlight when you’re comparing Klaviyo to other platforms – a lot of software companies sell you on a lower monthly or annual subscription that only does the bare minimum so they’ll look cheaper at first glance but sometimes end up costing more or at least are pretty on par once you dig deeper. 

This isn’t just a perk for your monthly subscription fee. It means that because you have access to a wider range of features as standard, you’re able to test and adjust better which can make you significantly more money. 

4. Klaviyo Takes You Further Than You Fathomed 

Klaviyo is one of the few genuinely data driven automated platforms on the market and something we find a lot is that people are shocked at its potential and the possibilities it unlocks.

In our free strategy calls, we often hear “oh my gosh it can do that?” or “oh wow you can see that?” when we tell them things that Klaviyo can give them access to and make possible for their business.

Klaviyo’s website behaviour tracking is the best we’ve seen which means  the system is able to intuitively and intelligently know your customers, their motivations and their readiness to purchase, almost better than they know themselves. It allows you to send highly personalised yet automated communications to them that convert to revenue for you. Klaviyo lets you nurture and build relationships with your customers based on how they interact with your brand and this creates loyalty that would have previously needed so many more resources to develop.

Klaviyo really is that good. 

5. One Dashboard, Powerful Data 

Gone are the days of having to pull analytics, data and information from multiple – and often conflicting – tools, apps and software and trying to group them together into usable figures.

Klavyio lets you set up “tracked events” for the information that’s important to you, and then it’s literally just a couple of clicks to get real time data that tells you exactly what you need to know to make decisions and plan your next marketing and communications campaigns.

Klaviyo’s Analytics even does the comparisons for you so you have fast, accurate figures available for your reporting and forecasting. 

It’s never been easier to have automated and immediate access to the information you need. 

Let’s Talk About What Klaviyo Can Do For You 

Get in touch for a free Strategy Call with the Greenfish Marketing Team. This isn’t just a sales session, you will walk away with tailored and actionable information whether you go on to do more work with us or not. Reserve your time here.

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