CRM Creation

Gain Hands Free Set up of Your CRM That Helps You Engage, Serve and Retain More Clients and Customers - Effortlessly

Manage your customer relationships, and create an irresistible experience for every person that engages with your business with a personalised CRM set up for you. Our team of experts will do the heavy-lifting to set up, migrate, and integrate your system, so your business can experience the exponential growth you deserve.

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Active Campaign Certified Consultant

Real Breakthroughs From Incredible Clients…

Carla & Emma Papas

Stephen provided an amazing overview of our Google Analytics and CRM System. He presented information to us that allowed us to better understand the journey of our leads and customers which will be beneficial to current and future marketing tactics. We would recommend Stephen to anyone who feels at a loss when it comes to analytics and monitoring, Stephen makes it easy to understand and empowers you with real results.

Heather Rendell

We have had the pleasure of working with Stephen Berry. Greenfish Marketing and Stephen provide exceptional, friendly service and works proactively to very tight deadlines. We engaged Stephen to build automated email journeys for our major fundraising event and awareness campaign, which delivered fantastic results to meet our targets. We highly recommend Stephen to any business.

Jarrad Hills

I have been working with Steve across a multitude of different marketing campaigns for two different businesses. His knowledge, professionalism, attention to details, and work ethic completely justify the results that each of our campaigns have achieved. I would highly recommend Steve and Greenfish Marketing to any business.

A CRM can Help you Grow Your Business by Making Sure no Sale Slips Through the Cracks

At Greenfish Marketing, we’ll take the set up and management of your CRM off your hands, so you can enjoy a more efficient and profitable business without the stress. Keep track of leads, engage with more clients, automate your tasks and more with a personalised CRM created for you.

Your CRM can help you to…

Boost retention, and increase engagement with your ideal clients and customers.

Nurture and follow up leads automatically so you can close more sales.

Keep track of your clients’ contact details, activity, and sales history all in one place.

Scale your business and capacity, without needing to expand your team.

Many Business Owners Struggle to Scale Their Business Without a Personalised CRM

Have you faced any of the following challenges with your business?

Are you keeping track of leads, client details, and follow-up reminders in your head?

And you need a better way to store all that information…

Are you wasting your valuable time chasing sales that have already run dry?

And you need a simple way to know which leads to follow up and when…

Do you or your team struggle to find the time to follow-up leads that could become ideal clients?

And you know you’re leaving sales on the table…

Do you want to scale and grow your business, but you feel as if your capacity is capped?

And you don’t have the budget to expand your team…

Are you still trying to manually nurture contacts with email marketing?

And you don’t know where to start in automating your client experience…

Have you worked hard to close new clients, only to have them cancel or request a refund?

And you want to increase your retention rates…


If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of the questions above, we can help. Whether you’re looking to optimize or migrate your existing system, or set up a new CRM from scratch, our expert team makes the process simple and easy.

At Greenfish Marketing, We’ll Set Up And Fully Integrate Your CRM For You…

So You Can Increase Customer Retention And Set Your Business Up For Growth

Our team of ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants & Klaviyo Masters will take the time to understand your business’ unique needs, so we can design a personalised CRM that works for you. While you stay focused on what you do best, our team will help to:

Build a simple and reliable CRM that boosts client retention and satisfaction

Set up lead score tracking so you know what contacts to engage with and when

Automate your sales pipeline so you can turn more leads into loyal, high-paying clients

Organize, segment, and re-engage contacts so no client gets missed

Make following up leads and sales easy with automatic reminders for your team

Integrate your CRM to your current systems to make your transition seamless

Take advantage of automation to create a more efficient business

Build high-quality campaigns to nurture new contacts with personalised email marketing

Utilize every marketing tool available so you can get a strong return

From the set-up, to migration, to optimization and management, we’ll be on-hand to help you achieve your goals. Let a personalized CRM system run your business, so you don’t have to!

Customized CRM Set Up Across Multiple Platforms

At Greenfish Marketing, our goal is to help your business succeed – whatever that looks like for you. We offer specialized support across both ActiveCampaign and Klaviyo, so you can experience results in any industry.


The #1 CRM, Automation & Email Marketing Tool for Coaches, Consultants & Services Based Businesses

As ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants, we can help you take advantage of the full suite of benefits this powerful platform has to offer. As a one-stop hub for your CRM, client engagement, sales pipeline, email marketing and more, you can finally harness the power of automation in your business without the overwhelm. We’ll take the heavy-lifting off your plate to help you save more time, drive more profit, and create more freedom.


Fully-Integrated CRM And Email Marketing For Ecommerce Businesses Of Any Size

Our team of certified Klaviyo Masters can help you make the most of this revolutionary platform, designed to help eCommerce businesses manage customers and create more profitable email campaigns effortlessly. Build unlimited high-value relationships with your customers through email, mobile and on the web. Klaviyo’s powerful features will make your marketing stand out from your competitors, and drive more sales.

We Engage You And Your Team Across Every Stage Of The Journey

Our Process is Simple:


Book a Discovery Call with Our Expert Team

Chat with our team of marketing and automation specialists to discuss how we can help transform your email automation to drive new growth.


Receive a Review of Your Current Systems

Work with our team to take a closer look into your current situation, so we can see clearly what is holding you back from success right now.


Design & Implement Your New Strategy

From designing your customer journey, to setting up the detailed automations, we’ll take care of all the details, so you can focus on what you do best.


Track & Optimize Your Incredible Results

Using powerful tracking tools, we’ll help you monitor and optimize your approach, so you can save even more time and money, and boost greater sales.

Are You Ready to Take Your Business to the Next-Level With a Customized CRM That Works for You?