Greenfish Marketing Achieves Klaviyo Gold Master Status!

Powering Your Success Together!

The stage is set, the curtains drawn, and we are thrilled to announce that Greenfish Marketing has ascended to the status of Klaviyo Gold Master!

As a Klaviyo Gold Master, it demonstrates that we know what we are doing, not just with Klaviyo, but also within the Email, SMS and Automation Marketing industry. To qualify you need to work with a minimum amount of clients every month and consistently develop with those clients to help them grow while making sure best practices are followed. Check out a snapshot of our client’s results below. 

A few other benefits of being a Klaviyo Gold Master are:

  • Direct access to the Klaviyo Partner team
  • Quicker access to the Klaviyo Support team
  • Access to additional system training
  • Road map strategy sessions on new and planned upgrade features
  • First look at additional features

2 major factors have made this incredible milestone possible:

First, our amazing clients and the results we have achieved for them:

At Greenfish Marketing, we believe in more than just meeting expectations – we exceed them.

Project 10

Our relationship started with a review of the Project 10 Klaviyo account, which created a recommendations and improvement list. Together we opted to use our Klaviyo Set-up Service and start by making sure all the basics were implemented correctly, this is always our first step in optimising a client’s account as we often find the basics aren’t correctly set up or overlooked.

Building these strong foundations allowed us to make an instant impact on their account operations and business revenue. These results then lead to working together on an ongoing monthly basis.

The results below highlight our first 6 months working together compared to the previous year.

As you can see 49.67% of their revenue is now being generated by Klaviyo, an increase of 353% year on year from Email, SMS and Automation. 

What they say about working with us:

“We attended a workshop presented by Greenfish Marketing early 2023, and it was a game changer for our business. The workshop made us realise we really weren’t using our database effectively.

Steve and his team have completely overhauled our Email marketing strategy with fantastic results. With social media not having the cut through it used to, our new email marketing approach has made a massive difference to our online sales.

We now have a well-structured system in place, featuring a number of flows and an email marketing calendar that is consistently providing results. 

As a small business, having experts like Steve and his team on our side is a huge relief.
Their guidance and proactive approach provides us with a sense of confidence and security in an ever changing landscape.”

AMX Superstores

With a new Shopify store launched in August and no previous email revenue being tracked, we opted to move from Mailchimp to Klaviyo, only 15 days before the Black Friday 2023 holiday sale season started. We managed to go from 0 – 22.18% of revenue coming from Klaviyo, and 22.65% of that came from Flows/Automations. This greatly contributed to online sales over Black Friday/Cyber Monday, increasing 55% year on year.

What they say about working with us:

“Stephen and the team at Greenfish have been assisting us with our Email Marketing since mid 2023, working through a process of review, improvement, and finally launching into Klaviyo just prior to Black Friday 2023. Their work and planning were a major contributor to our 55% growth in online sales on Black Friday 2023 compared to 2022.

Stephen has great attention to detail and cares about our business and the results we achieve as much as we do. He also pushes when needed to make sure we are reaching our objectives (exactly what you want in a marketing partner!)

We now have improved open rates, click through rates, and better automation in place, and will continue to work with Steve and the team to achieve even better results through 2024.

Even if Email marketing is just one element of your marketing strategy, I’d highly recommend getting Greenfish on board to have their expertise driving your strategy and implementation.”

CherryHill Orchard

A seasonal client with a long-term relationship saw a huge impact with our new strategy and designs for 2023/2024 season, taking the look and style of their emails up a level and producing an email revenue increase of 140% year on year, with over 50% of their revenue coming from Email, SMS and Automation. 

What they say about working with us:

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stephen and the Greenfish team for several years. They seamlessly extend our marketing efforts, boosting sales through our ecommerce channel with strategic email marketing. Greenfish now provide an end-to-end solution, covering strategic planning, design, and campaign implementation. In the past, I found platforms like Klaviyo and others to be cumbersome and limited in design options, resulting in emails that didn’t align with our brand’s standards. 

Since partnering with Greenfish for professional email design, our emails now look exceptional, leading to a 140% increase in sales compared to the same period last year. Given the dip in paid social media performance, I’ve shifted resources to email marketing, which currently contributes 50% of our online revenue.”

How Greenfish Marketing’s ‘Active Growth Method’ integrates with the features offered by Klaviyo

Together, we are unleashing a powerhouse of creativity, expertise, and cutting-edge technology to elevate your brand to new heights.

Tailored Solutions for Your Success

Whether you’ve just discovered the potential of email marketing or an established brand striving to take it to the next level, our partnership ensures tailor-made services that fit your unique needs. Working with us means you’re in the hands of experts that are experienced in creating successful email marketing results

Crafting Campaigns with Precision

As a Klaviyo Gold Master, we’re not just marketers: we’re industry leaders creating campaigns with proven processes. Expect results and data-driven strategies, personalised customer journeys, and impactful messaging that resonates with your brand’s audience, all powered by the unrivalled capabilities of Klaviyo.

Revenue Generating Automation’s

Buckle up for campaigns that not only captivate but convert! With Klaviyo’s robust automation tools and Greenfish Marketing’s strategic process, get ready to launch targeted, custom-designed and personalised campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive results like never before.

Reviewing the Data

Data drives decisions and we keep that at the forefront of what we do. Understanding what your contacts are doing or not doing allows us to make sure we are communicating with the right person and at the right time. 

As industry leaders, we’re not just keeping up with trends – we’re setting them! Our collaboration promises continuous innovation, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve and embrace the latest in email marketing technology.

Speak with the Greenfish Marketing team and witness firsthand how our Klaviyo Gold Master status transforms ordinary campaigns into extraordinary success stories. Your pathway to limitless email marketing revenue starts here!

Ready to take your Email, SMS and Automation marketing to a Gold standard and beyond? Book a FREE Strategy Call today (worth $395) and receive a Klaviyo Mini Review for FREE (worth $195), click here and book now.

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