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Email marketing platforms are staff, not software

The right resources can make or break your business and when it comes to digital marketing, you’re not just looking for something that can send bulk emails, you want something that has the features you need to scale and grow your business.

The right email client will be like having an extra staff member on your marketing team.

Klaviyo is ready to be your employee of the month, every month. Klaviyo isn’t just an email marketing program, it’s a growth marketing program.

Why Choose Klaviyo

Klaviyo Has No Hidden Costs

All these and more have the potential to bring in sales revenue, increase loyalty and ultimately grow your business.

If your current mail provider even offers these features, it will cost you. They’re all included with Klaviyo’s subscription fee.

Don’t Take Our Word For It - Here’s a Case Study

Jock Dredge’s clothing brand INMINDSEYE was already using Mailchimp when he reached out to Greenfish Marketing. He knew they’d outgrown the platform but didn’t have the time to dedicate to finding something better. So they made do, until they realised they were missing out on serious sales. Since transitioning to Klaviyo, Jock has seen tangible ROI and really elevated his customer engagement and loyalty.

We’ve got a full case study on their success.

Greenfish Marketing Are Your Klaviyo Partners

Greenfish Marketing have developed a reputation for our expertise, experience and attention to your needs when it comes to implementing, optimising and working with email marketing and automation tools. 

We work with you to tailor a solution for your business’ unique needs, there’s no cookie cutter approach here.

Find out why we’re 5 star rated on Google by watching what some of our current and past clients say about working with us towards their business success.

Happy Clients

Mary Van Orsouw

I was referred to Stephen at Greenfish in 2021 and I am so glad that we were able to connect and work on my CRM. My specialty is Pilates not marketing so Stephen was great being patient with me in getting my CRM up and running. With a closed business through the lockdowns Stephen was able to tailor to my budget and get me started. Since then I have managed to save hours of time and pickup over a 100 leads for my online and studio business. Stephen has also made himself available at all times to help me problem solve and optimise getting the best results for a small business like mine. It has opened my eyes up to all the potential things I can do to nurture my clients and keep them in my funnel. Thank you Stephen!

Daniel Walsh

We’ve seen our business almost double in the last eight months. And that’s just because of the systems that are in place that now we can effectively use our time to scale our business, thanks to Greenfish Marketing. Working with Stephen, we were able to solve all the problems within our business before we scaled, making sure that we really built a great foundation to give our clients the most quality high service that there is in our space. We knew that with their help, we were going to systemise and automate our business in the most efficient and effective way. Once you’ve been able to automate and systemise your business, you will realise just how much more quality work you can do and how much more you can do for your clients. If you want to get back your time in your business, you need to get in contact with Greenfish Marketing and Stephen because, ultimately, they will be able to get your business to the next level.

Simon Hilton

We knew we needed a digital marketing strategy, but in a space that changes every day we didn’t know where to start. Greenfish Marketing and Stephen Berry took the time to understand our business and create a digital solution that aligned our business strategy with our digital marketing strategy. The result has been a dynamic website that works for existing and new clients, an engaged an active internal team and a communication and marketing strategy that attracts the right customers. I highly recommend Greenfish Marketing to any business that needs to transform their marketing function.

Klaviyo Price Guide


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