About Greenfish

My name is Stephen Berry and I am the Founder and Head of Strategy of Greenfish Marketing. I take much pride in this company and in the developing growth and success we have shared with our clients.

Founded in 2017, Greenfish Marketing brings to clients a passion for marketing, business processes and attention to customer service. The road to customer satisfaction has been a busy one, but a successful one, and I hope you can join in partnership with me so I can help you learn and implement what your business needs.

Strong and strategic communication drives business success. The goal of Greenfish Marketing – my goal – is to assist business owners on their paths to success by communicating more realistically and efficiently with their new and past customers. It is this that I see as the best pathway to achieving business goals.

Our services are about MARKETING and about COMMUNICATION – the two cannot be separated.

This is why I like to call Greenfish Marketing a Marketing Communications Agency.


Starting the Business

Greenfish Marketing was created in 2017 due to the requirements of our first client (still a client today) to create an automated inbound marketing campaign. Due to the company’s requirements, this project expanded into a 6-month in-house consulting Marketing Manager role, creating a new website, client avatars, customers’ journey pathways and the inital inbound marketing campaign.


Digital Marketer Certifed Partner

2018 was the year moving from consulting to creating a business. Which highlighted the need for better internal training and structure. Having been a user of Digital Marketer products becoming a Certified Partner with Digital Marketer, was a simple and practical next step for what the business needed.


ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant

With clients requiring a CRM and automation platform that was going to be able to grow with them, it was time to find the right software. After much research it was decided that ActiveCampaign was the best solution, so we became an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant/ Partner. This helped when exhibiting at the ‘Digital Marketer Down Under’ event on the Gold Coast, increasing the business exposure.


Expanding into the USA, UK and Dubai

With the start of COVID-19, businesses changed, and companies quickly realised their need for better systems and digital communication. With the new need to be online, Greenfish Marketing expanded overseas, adding clients to it portfolio from the United Kingdom, the United States and Dubai. Also becoming a Klaviyo Partner to help clients on Shopify get more from Email and SMS marketing.


Greenfish Marketing YouTube Channel

Understanding that people are consuming more and more content from videos, it was time to create the Greenfish Marketing YouTube Channel, which hosts a range of how-to videos, tips and tricks, video testimonials from clients and more. Rolled out SMS marketing as a service on both ActiveCampaign and Klaviyo.



New Look, New Website, Podcast and more

2022 is going to be a busy one…. starting with a New Look across the business that includes upgraded systems, additional staff, focused product offering and expanding services, it was time to upgrade the website. With the help of our long term partner Studio1 Design, we have this great looking website. With a Podcast in production and a revised YouTube strategy, we aim to help more business owners, Save Time, Save Money and Boost Sales with Marketing and Automation.

As part of this, we see transparency as important. At Greenfish marketing we do not hold back. Our process documents, for example, are available for online viewing by clients at all time. Our clients know what we are doing and you will see that we have your interests at heart.

Greenfish Marketing is a Marketing Communications Agency specialising in digital and email marketing. By creating targeted and tailored marketing campaigns, we focus on performance and return on investment. What drives us is understanding the complexities of every business, and tailoring practical yet productive business solutions.