About Greenfish

My name is Stephen Berry and I am the Founder and Head of Strategy of Greenfish Marketing.

Founded in 2017, Greenfish Marketing brings to clients a passion for marketing, business processes and attention to customer service. 

I hope you can join in partnership with me so I can help you learn and implement what your business needs. That’s right – I’m not here to sell you an out of the box solution that I sell to every client. I’m here to understand how you work, so I can put solutions in place that support your goals. 

Of course some things don’t change from project to project. Strong and strategic communication drives business success. 

Our services are about MARKETING and about COMMUNICATION – the two cannot be separated and together they build the kind of customer and client relationships and also build your revenue figures. 

The goal of Greenfish Marketing – my goal – is to assist business owners on their paths to success by communicating more realistically and efficiently with their new and past customers. It is this that I see as the best pathway to achieving business goals.

This is why I like to call Greenfish Marketing a Marketing Communications Agency. We’re also an Automations Agency – we know how to make your tools and resources work smarter (and harder) for you.

And while we’ve grown a lot since our early days as a consultancy service, I still take as much pride in this company and in the developing growth and success we have shared with our clients as I did on the day we started. 


Starting the Business

Our first client (who we still work with today) needed a consultancy in-house Marketing Manager to oversee digital projects like their new website, creating customer avatars, mapping the customer journey pathways and an automated inbound marketing campaign.


Digital Marketer Certifed Partner

2018 was the year we shifted from a consultancy to a business and invested in our own structure, skills and training. Becoming a certified Digital Marketer was a logical next step, because we were already using and recommending their products.


ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant

It was time to expand our software skills and offering, and we extensively researched the best platform for CRM and automation that could be used by both start up and established but growing enterprises. ActiveCampaign ticked all of those boxes and we still recommend it today. This was also the year we took Greenfish Marketing on the road, taking part in the Digital Marketer Down Under event on the Gold Coast.


Global Expansion

Greenfish Marketing was already servicing clients all over Australia, and when the global pandemic highlighted the need many businesses’ had for better digital platforms, Greenfish Marketing went global. We now service clients in the USA, UK and Dubai. This was also when we increased our offering and expertise in ecommerce, becoming a Klaviyo partner to help people get more out of their Shopify websites.


Content Creation

We’re passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on being able to help people at all stages of their customer journey with Greenfish Marketing – which is why we’re making content to help anyone, whether you’re our client or not, get more out of your digital marketing. We also continued to expand our range of marketing and communications mediums to help your messages get to the right audience at the right time.

social media


New Look, New Space, New Faces

With a podcast on the way, building on our successful YouTube channel. We also had a makeover – launching our new website, moving into a new office space and growing our team. One thing has never changed though – Stephen remains very hands on in the business and helping our clients send better emails (that make them more money) is still our number one goal.

Transparency matters to us, and we do not hold back when it comes to sharing our processes and resources with our clients. We’re not the kind of agency who charges exorbitant fees you can’t quite quantify – you’ll always know what we’re up to when we’re working with you. We’re open about what we’re doing, and always have your best interest and goals at heart, while making sure your ROI (return of investment) is always moving in the right direct.

Greenfish Marketing is a Marketing Communications Agency specialising in digital and email marketing with a passion for working smarter with automations and software optimisation.

We create targeted, tailored marketing campaigns that focus on performance and tangible return on investment. We are driven by and passionate about understanding the complexities of every business, and tailoring practical yet productive business solutions.


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