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Communicate more effectively with your customers and prospects through the power of strategic automation. Build meaningful relationships, and grow a more profitable online store (without wasting your precious time)

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Your eComm Business Can't Move Forward If Your Automation Is Holding You Back.

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Are You Seeing the Kind of Growth You Truly Want in Your Business?

Or, like many eCommerce business owners, do you simply not have the right strategy (or the time) to drive the kinds of results you actually need?
There is nothing worse than feeling like a bottleneck in your own business’ success, but the fact is: as long as every dollar, every lead, and every sale is dependent on  you and your current strategy (or lack thereof), it’s inevitable. That’s where automation comes in…

That’s where strategic marketing and automation comes in…

Do any of the following resonate with your experience?

At Greenfish marketing, we believe that systems should run your business and online store, not you. That’s why we help you harness the power of truly automated marketing to save you time, drive more profit, and create more freedom.

We’ll Design and Implement the Ideal Marketing & Communications Strategy for Your eCommerce Business

Our Fully-Integrated Offerings, Can Help You to…

Automate your customer communications without losing your personal touch, so you can boost engagement and drive profit, on autopilot.

Acquire and nurture new customers, and increase their awareness using targeted tactics, so you can stand out from your competitors

Turn your current processes into streamlined systems you and your team can depend on to grow your business

Build out a simple and reliable eCommence CRM, to help increase the retention and satisfaction of your current and future customers

Pinpoint exactly where your leads are coming from, what’s working right now, and how you can optimize your success for the future

Identify the benefits and fix any mistakes in your current automation to strengthen and future-proof your systems.

And most of all, to have your profitable and fully automated marketing campaigns built, executed and optimized for success.

The goal of Greenfish Marketing is to help your eComm business succeed and perform at its best 24/7.

We never simply build a system, hand it over, and leave you to figure out the rest! We engage you and your team across every stage of our proven process, to ensure you’re equipped and confident to get the results you need. From reviewing your systems, to implementing changes, to optimizing your results, our hands-on team of experts will take care of it all.

Our Process is Simple:


Discovery Call with Our Expert Team

Chat with our team of eCommerce marketing and automation specialists to discuss how we can help transform your automation and drive more growth.


Receive a Total Review of Your Current Systems

Work with our team to take a closer look into your people, processes, and purpose, so we can see clearly what is holding you back from success right now.


Design & Implement Your New Strategy

From the simple details to the complex automations, we’ll take care of building your new e-comm system for you, so you can focus on what you do best.


Track & Optimize Your Incredible Results

Using powerful tracking tools, we’ll help you monitor and optimize your approach, so you can save even more time and money, and boost greater sales.

It’s Time to Take Your Business to the Next Level and Achieve Your Goals Through the Power of Strategic Marketing & Automation

Check out this video from our founder Stephen Berry to find out how…


Hear From The Incredible Clients We’ve Worked With…

Mary Van Orsouw

I was referred to Stephen at Greenfish in 2021 and I am so glad that we were able to connect and work on my CRM. My specialty is Pilates not marketing so Stephen was great being patient with me in getting my CRM up and running. With a closed business through the lockdowns Stephen was able to tailor to my budget and get me started. Since then I have managed to save hours of time and pickup over a 100 leads for my online and studio business. Stephen has also made himself available at all times to help me problem solve and optimise getting the best results for a small business like mine. It has opened my eyes up to all the potential things I can do to nurture my clients and keep them in my funnel. Thank you Stephen!

Daniel Walsh

We’ve seen our business almost double in the last eight months. And that’s just because of the systems that are in place that now we can effectively use our time to scale our business, thanks to Greenfish Marketing. Working with Stephen, we were able to solve all the problems within our business before we scaled, making sure that we really built a great foundation to give our clients the most quality high service that there is in our space. We knew that with their help, we were going to systemise and automate our business in the most efficient and effective way. Once you’ve been able to automate and systemise your business, you will realise just how much more quality work you can do and how much more you can do for your clients. If you want to get back your time in your business, you need to get in contact with Greenfish Marketing and Stephen because, ultimately, they will be able to get your business to the next level.

Simon Hilton

We knew we needed a digital marketing strategy, but in a space that changes every day we didn’t know where to start. Greenfish Marketing and Stephen Berry took the time to understand our business and create a digital solution that aligned our business strategy with our digital marketing strategy. The result has been a dynamic website that works for existing and new clients, an engaged an active internal team and a communication and marketing strategy that attracts the right customers. I highly recommend Greenfish Marketing to any business that needs to transform their marketing function.

Case Study


Founded in 2012 in Geelong, Australia, Project Ten emerged from a simple yet compelling idea to bring style and function to every bag or every occasion.

What Sets Greenfish Marketing Apart?

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