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The Power of Typeform For Customer Surveys

Undoubtedly you already know how important it is to get feedback from your clients and customers. You’ve probably even sent at least one survey out to your audience.

You may not have used the best software to do it though. And that’s ok, many of the contemporary form and survey tools like SurveyMonkey and Google Forms are decent enough. They tick quite a few boxes in terms of being fairly simple to set up, brand and distribute.

They’re not the tool we recommend to our clients when it comes to creating surveys though.

We use and always suggest Typeform. Here’s why. 

Typeform Has A Better End User Experience

Like we said, it’s easy enough to get by with one of the more basic tools on the market but Typeform elevates how people receive and interact with your survey. 

It has a cleaner, more professional and integrated look and we all know first impressions count. It’s hard to make the basic survey apps look like more than a basic survey app with your logo above your questions.

Typeform’s design is more intuitive for people to use when they’re completing the survey, and its formatting creates a conversational style exchange with your brand. The way it enables you to ask one question at a time enables your audience to carefully consider their responses, rather than breeze through ticking boxes at random and always thinking ahead to their next answer. It’s engaging in a two way conversation, rather than a transactional style exchange. In our experience, surveys created on Typeform get higher engagement and response rates than those hosted on sites like Survey Monkey or Google Forms. 

Typeform Offers Better Reporting 

Again, any of the modern form and survey platforms do the basics well enough. You can see how many people have responded, you can view charts and data based on the entire audience and drill down to individual users. We’re not here to tell you those other platforms don’t work at all. 

Other tools on the market tend to focus on getting you information about form submissions, but that’s only one part of the puzzle when it comes to running effective marketing and communications strategies. 

Where Typeform’s reporting really comes into its own is in the powerful analysis it offers. It’s also much easier to integrate tracking tools like your Facebook Pixels and Google Tracking which means you not only get great data from your survey, you also get great data about your survey.

It’s a tool made for marketers and while its inbuilt integrations are already some of the best we’ve used, it also works really easily with tools like Zapier to create an even more streamlined process for your participants and your staff running the survey. 

You may not need a third party automation tool though – part of why we recommend ActiveCampaign and Klaviyo as the best CRM, automation and marketing platforms to build better relationships and ultimately make you money is because they have so many powerful native integrations with other leading software tools and applications, including with TypeForm. 

When To Use TypeForm To Survey Your Customers

By now, you should be pretty sold on TypeForm for the same reasons we love it but you’re probably thinking “now what?”. Obviously there’s dozens of scenarios where you may choose to capture data from your customers and clients, but here’s a few of our favourite reasons to conduct surveys:

  • Customer Feedback – TypeForm forms are fabulous to use for feedback because they offer a way to present the options and information that make participants feel like they’re having a conversation with you while letting you control the themes and structure (and usability) of the information they provide. 
  • Calculating your NPS Score – This is a powerful exercise to do that helps you understand what your customers really think, how likely they are to recommend you and what that says about (and means for) your overall reputation. 

You’re (hopefully) already utilising reviews but they are just one piece of the feedback puzzle when it comes to using customer information to drive business decisions. 

Let’s Talk Survey Strategy  

Make the most of your opportunities to connect with your audience. If you’re thinking about starting the conversation with your customers, start one with Greenfish Marketing first. We’re always happy to explain how you can better connect with your database, enhance your business’ reputation and ultimately use this data to make more money. Book a free strategy call today.

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