Tips & Tools for Email Marketing

Tips & Tools for Better Email Marketing

Email marketing can be personalised, strategic, measurable and inexpensive. It has held its position as the highest return on investment (ROI) channel for quite some time and is even more accessible with the introduction of mobile and tablet devices (read more about the benefits of email marketing here). 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to send an email, but to start an effective email campaign for your business it takes some effort. There’s much to consider and it can be quite a daunting process, especially when 40% of markets are reporting a negative ROI. 

With that being said, we have put together some key tips and tools to implement in your email marketing strategy, so your business can be in the percentage of those making an impact on their campaigns. 

Greenfish Marketing’s Key Tips:


First things first, know who your audience is. Your audience for this campaign might not be the same as your last.

That’s why it is important to segment your subscribers based on interests, gender, purchase history, behaviour and other elements specific to your business. 

With content that is relevant and targeted to that audience, it will perform better than sending it to your whole contact list.


The preview text is the first thing your audience will see, and normally the deciding factor if they will open your email and take any further action.

Power words can assist with the success of an email marketing campaign, including some of these motivating terms:

  • % off
  • Invitation
  • Last chance 
  • On sale now 
  • Today only

While subject-lines impact open rates, content creates clicks. Develop a distinct voice for your brand and use images and graphics to create meaning.

Put the reader first and get to the point, keeping sentences under 25 words and paragraphs under three sentences.

Ensure you are offering something valuable with one call-to-action (CTA). Increase clicks by placing links in multiple places, for instance, a header graphic, inline text and the conclusion CTA button.

Split test

Want to monitor, improve and grow the success of your next email campaign? We suggest A/B split testing.

Test your subject-line, CTA, copy, imagery and graphics and see which variations perform better. 

Conducting an analysis of this can assist with working out how these things affect the different parts of your conversion and what’s more effective. 


You’ve had great success with one of your email campaigns and finally found a strategy that works for your company and its customer. Repeat particular elements to achieve more wins in future campaigns. 

Copy parts of it over to your next campaign, including the layout, similar visuals, copy or even the same day to schedule and send your email. 

And most importantly, once you have pressed send on your email campaign don’t fall off the wagon. Follow-up with your customers or even better, set-up automation process to stay ahead of the email marketing curve (read here about why your business should be using automated email). 

Greenfish Marketing’s Key Tools:

Email Sending Checklist

Where: Greenfish Marketing

Price: Free

Have you downloaded our ‘Email Marketing Checklist’? – Click here

We don’t mean to sound bias, but our email marketing checklist is pretty great. Use this for your next campaign and remove the fear of hitting send, while gaining the benefits of putting your company’s best email approach forward; through assisting you with cultivating ideas, putting them into action and getting results.

Split Testing Calculator 

Where: VWO

Price: Free

Whether you have previously split tested your campaign or it’s your first time, using VWO’s A/B split and multivariate test duration calculator can assist in determining how long you should run your A/B test. It will give you insights about testing, optimisation, UX, design and more.

Writing Assistant

Where: Grammarly

Price: Free and Premium plans

Nearly everywhere you write on the web, through your browser extension you can have Grammarly there to assist you with your spelling and grammar. Whether you’re writing on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, your email platform or anywhere else on the web, rest assured Grammarly will detect any errors. 

Subject Line Tester 

Where: SubjectLine 

Price: Free

Not only does this website give you a free rating tool to evaluate your subject line, but you will also receive information on your results and advice on how to improve. The results will tell you why points were removed, ‘contain multiple special symbols or punctuation – 8 pts’ or ‘includes word You or Your – + 3 pts’.

Active Campaign

Where: ActiveCampaign

Price: Free trial & package plans

At Greenfish Marketing, we use ActiveCampaign as our CRM, Automation and Customer Satisfaction toolbox. (As a certified partner, we’ve also helped numerous business improve their, email marketing, automation and customer journeys using it) The platform is described as a customer lifecycle management system, by way of contact management, lead scoring, dynamic content, split testing, customer relationship management (CRM), sales automation, site and event tracking. While integrating other platforms, it can allow your company to manage your contacts, know your best leads and shorten the sales cycle while closing more deals.

Need some assistance with your email marketing strategy? Book a strategy call today and see how our team experts can help with all things email marketing.


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