Why your business should be using Automated Email

Email marketing is proven to be one of the most effective approaches for increasing overall engagement, traffic, leads and sales. However, with the digital era continuously evolving, we believe so should your digital strategy.

Email automation is still a hidden gem in the marketing world. And no, we’re not advising a method which bombards your prospects and clients with an obscene amount of irrelevant and robotic messages to their mailbox.

We’re talking about creating sophisticated, intuitive and personalised email campaigns to streamline communication with your audience, at a time of convenience for your clients and business. It’s an opportunity to engage with and nurture your audience while saving you time and money – a win-win situation!

Want to hear more? Well, we’ve got the answers:

What exactly is Marketing Automation?

To put it simply, it is a software that automatically keeps you connected and allows you to target people based on their behaviours, preferences and previous actions. As mentioned it streamlines communication between your audience allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business while it does its thing, automatically.

Is sending automatic emails actually proven to work?

Automated emails are known to get 199% higher click rates than traditional broadcasting emails, as well as reduce marketing spend by as much as 80%.

We think these results speak for themselves but a correctly managed automated email marketing campaign is the most cost-effective and customer-driven strategy. Still not convinced?

What can automation emailing strategy do for your company?

Grow your brand & client base

Initial email campaigns could be your business’ best friend. When traffic flows to your website, organically or from Google and Facebook Ad campaigns (other software demonstrating automation is an effective approach) you can identify and reach others similar to your best customers.

You can get their attention through offering an incentive or value, such as a discounted product or service by signing up to your subscriber list. Voilà – your potential customer awaits! Your business can use automated email to connect and engage with them, specifically if they leave something in their shopping cart or by offering a recommendation based on what they clicked on.

Boost sales & customer loyalty

It’s essential to give your clients some loving! Building brand loyalty and understanding your customer’s behaviours can foster a trusting relationship and experience. We believe this is the key to competing in your market, with the key to brand loyalty being technology and automated emailing.

Using automation triggers such as wishing your audience a happy birthday, indoctrinating new customers properly through a series of welcome emails, thanking first-time clients for their purchase or rewarding loyal customers or clients with discounts based on their engagement is the key to building trust, establishing authority and increasing overall sales.  There’s a method for everyone, no matter what industry,  that can be based on different segments identified within your target market and their behaviours.

Re-customise & re-engage

We can’t guarantee that your automated email will get each prospects attention every time, however, this doesn’t mean you can’t adjust your email marketing strategy for next time. Automation is about creating the perfect situation for every circumstance.

Customer engagement is what your business relies on to achieve its objectives. When clients become less engaged or inactive, automated emailing can help re-engage them. A re-engagement or “win-back” automated email campaign can help reignite interest; offering relevant discounts or content or even asking them for feedback and kindly informing them they will be taken off the subscriber’s list if they aren’t interested in what you have to say (this effects deliverability, but we’ll get into that in a later blog).

Ultimately, there are many different approaches you take to creating the perfect email campaign through automation, it depends on what the goal or outcome is from your campaign. Keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts on this topic!

Greenfish Marketing specialises in Email and Automated Marketing. Our team of experts can assist your business in strategising an automatic email plan to increase efficiency and improve engagement, in order to grow your company faster. Contact us today.

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