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Why Every Business Needs a Blog

When blogging first began, it was a means for individuals to share information about their daily life and topics which interested them. Today, what’s an online presence without a blog? While many platforms come and go, blogging is and will always be about sharing ideas.

There are a number of benefits and potential gains from having a blog on your organisations website, no matter what kind of services or products you offer. This is because, in its essence, business blogging is a marketing channel to get your platform more visibility online. And what company doesn’t want more of a presence?

As we have seen the need for platforms to be optimised for microblogging and personal journaling, including the expansion of social media, vlogging and podcasts; these platforms can help scale content strategies for all. According to Codeless who compiled a list on the top blogging statistics, marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing tactics, yet generates 3x the amount of leads.

Blogs are an integral method to your digital marketing strategy and can assist in building:

Success with Digital Marketing 

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you place some kind of emphasis on digital marketing, particularly if you are working on optimising or building a strategy.

Want more website visitors? We shouldn’t even have to ask. But how do people find your website? You need strategies in place to drive traffic, which essentially includes search engines, social media and blogging. Every new blog post means an indexed page on your website, which can assist with optimising both organic and paid search engines. 

Blog content can also aid your other digital marketing strategies, such as social media, serving as a repository of content. In the long run, this can strengthen your social reach and drive new customers via each channel.

The main aim is to convert this traffic into leads, therefore blog content needs an effective strategy to be successful. Here’s Greenfish’s 5 steps to creating this strategy:

  1. Define goals and objectives
  2. Understand your target market
  3. Cultivate topics and keywords
  4. Produce a content calendar 
  5. Generate content

Content creates clicks and clicks create conversions… when good content is in the mix. Read our blog on content marketing to learn more on its influence on digital marketing success.


What’s the point of a blog if no one reads it? Community is at the heart of blogging. It’s a way to not only share ideas to those who read them, but also invokes feedback and a sense of belonging.

You might feel discouraged if your small business’ blog posts are only getting 5 views, but things will pick up. Here’s a few things to help:

  • Authenticity 

Be personable and share your insight in a way you would if you were speaking to them face-to-face. It’s difficult to build a connection if people feel like they can’t relate to you.

  • Involvement 

Should you ask questions to your readers? Yes! Encouragement of involvement and providing thought-provoking content will ensure you’re making the most out what you’ve generated.

  • Engagement

Responding to comments is a great way to build networks and get insightful feedback for your community. It also makes them feel valued and may even result in higher conversions. 

  • Integration

Social media and email subscribers; connect and share with these readers to make the most out of the connections you’ve already established, while continuing to strengthen them. 


Essentially, the effort you put in today can turn into thousands of views and leads in the future. Hubspot found that 70% of traffic each month of their blog comes from posts that were published in previous months from the one that is. Old blogs can be introduced in new email campaigns, through new blog posts, along with search engine rankings.

Scalability of business blogging is something which allows for great success, and is a strategy which can allow for optimisation of other channels, therefore streamlining and making some marketing efforts less time-consuming. You know what that means? More time to focus on other actions and expansion of your strategy and business’ success. Win-win!

If you’re not implementing all these strategies are essential to the long-term growth of your business. Blogging can complement your other marketing tactics to reach your organisation’s overall goals and strategy. 

Could you do with some help on optimising or creating a blogging strategy for your business? The team at Greenfish Marketing understand how to make the most out of this platform. Book a discovery call today.

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