Are Your Emails Ready For BFCM Sales?

When there’s a big retail spending period coming up, everyone (rightfully) focuses on how to get the most sales. Some of those peak times, such as the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, can really make a difference to revenue.

But now is the time you need to start thinking about how to keep that momentum going after the frenzy of discounts, sales and deliveries drives down.

Data shows that over half of the people who make purchases during sale events like Black Friday are shopping with the brands for the first time. If you play your cards – or your email marketing and automation – right, it won’t be the last time they spend money with you.

Here’s how you can make sure your efforts to get the sale equate to ongoing relationships and loyalty with your customers. 

Automatically Make More Money   

People give us strange looks sometimes when we talk about how automation will help them build more personalised relationships with their customers. It seems absurd, but with the right software tool in place that’s been optimised for your goals, you can actually create perfectly timed communication that speaks to where your customer is in their journey with you with automation. 

Segmentation and automation go hand in hand for happy relationships with your customers. You need to be able to group people together by whatever perimeters suit – such as demographics, products purchased and so much more.

We’ve used this example before but the easiest way to describe it is that a car dealer who also offers aftermarket accessories or services would need to be able to identify in their system who has and has not bought a car yet because the communication you’d send to each of those groups would differ widely. Obviously you can drill it down further, the type of message you’d send to someone who bought a compact car for the city wouldn’t necessarily be the same as what you’d send to someone who bought a high powered SUV built for off road adventures. When they bought their car would also determine timing for sending them reminders about maintenance.

Of course nobody has time to be pulling reports and working out who has what car and when they’re due for a service or upgrade, but with marketing and email automation, you do the manual work once and then the system does the rest for you.

Automation isn’t just for the automotive industry, it can bring more revenue for every industry. 

Double Your Email Revenue

We told you automation works for every industry. When online skincare retailer BOOST Lab reached out to Greenfish Marketing, just 18% of their revenue came from their email marketing.

In less than a year (in 8 months to be exact), with the right strategy and some savvy software optimisation, that figure had grown to 38%.

If you aren’t making at least 30% of your revenue from your email marketing, you’ve got some work to do. The good news is, there’s still time to do it before Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales kick off. 

Software + Strategy Before The Sales Start

Greenfish Marketing are so passionate about helping people make more money that we’ve cleared our calendar to make room to get you ready for the upcoming sales period.

Bring It All Together 

Of course emails are just one part of a great digital marketing strategy. Having the right automation in place and using the right medium to get your messages to the right people is crucial for success. Make sure you check out what you need to know to have all your automations ready before Black Friday weekend, and when you should send texts to your customers too.

Our Gift To You: Free Cyber Weekend Strategy Session

Schedule a 20 minute Cyber Weekend Strategy Session with the team to get started. During this complimentary meeting, we’ll delve into what you can do to increase your revenue. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running as we are going to gift you our 14 Day Sending Schedule and Email Sending Checklists; these resources give you a blueprint “to do” list to make more money this sales season.

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