BOOST LAB is an Australian owned skincare ecommerce business who produce affordable, effective skincare serums. Driven by a desire to ‘make great skincare available to everyone’, BOOST LAB products enhance skin health and address specific skin concerns without needing to be part of a complicated or expensive beauty regime.

The Issue

BOOST LAB were already actively using email marketing to connect with their customers but knew they weren’t achieving the results they should be. BOOST LAB initially sought Greenfish Marketing’s expertise to provide guidance on how they could increase their revenue. At the time of their initial consultation, 11% of their sales revenue was from email marketing.

Project Overview:


The Solution

Working directly with Greenfish Marketing’s Founder and Head of Strategy Stephen, the first point of action was to thoroughly audit BOOST LAB’s current email and automation marketing activities.

Stephen identified that segmentation of the customer database needed to be a key priority because it would allow for more personalisation in the communications sent. The email marketing strategy structure needed some tweaking to ensure that the right messages were getting to the right people. Through close collaboration between BOOST LAB and Greenfish Marketing, a new email marketing campaign calendar was developed.

And it worked.

After just 8 months working closely with Greenfish Marketing, BOOST LAB increased their revenue from email and automation marketing from 11% to 48% (and growing).


Working with Greenfish Marketing has been nothing but positive for BOOST LABs.

“Stephen has been instrumental in helping us build our email and sms marketing strategy with well thought out, targeted campaigns and streamlined automations. Greenfish Marketing has helped us engage with our customers and steadily build and increase the revenue coming from our campaigns and flows. They deliver clear reports and updates and are always ready to help troubleshoot issues or make some last minute changes.”

Raj Ghatge

General Marketing – Sales & Marketing


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