The team at Greenfish Marketing understand that in order to create a successful marketing campaign, you need to understand exactly who your client is, to do this you need to build a client profile. Defining the ‘who’ is the key element in making sure that you are putting the correct information in front of the most appropriate audience.

With that being said, it is not just as simple as understanding who your client is, but who are your ‘best’ clients and who are your ‘good’ clients? We believe the first step for an organisation to identify this is to create two profiles; the first your ‘best’ client and the second your ‘good’ client.

The benefit of a client profile is knowing when to say no and when to say yes. Not only will your organisation have its good and best clients, but it will also have bad clients or those who are just not a good fit for your company. Identifying who your ideal customer will save you a lot of time, money and hassle.

Greenfish’s client profile worksheet is for creating client profiles of ‘who’ you need to be talking to (click here), which allows a simple and easy step by step process, while also giving you insight into what characteristics make up your ‘good’ and ‘best’ clients. In this blog, we break-down why each section is essential for you to analyse.

Personal Details

We recommend starting at this section and making your way down, answering the potential age or occupation of your clients and coming back to fill out any blanks you may not be aware of yet.

It’s essential to ensure you are picturing the ideal individual along each step of the way while beginning here. Our worksheet (click here) covers the correct details to understand who you are trying to target in terms of demographics.

Goals & Values

Your best clients will likely share the goals and values of your organisation. For instance, a fashion retail store who provides sustainable garments ideal consumer will be someone who appreciates brands committed to ethical practices.

Not only should you consider their personal goals and values, but also their lifestyle. This will align with what your organisation offers, whether it’s a service or product based.

Client Profile Download

Challenges & Pain Points

Identifying what pain points and challenges your audience struggles with are extremely important. If you can identify what challenges they are faced with, you can provide a solution. What solution does your product or service provide to their pain points?

Identifying how you can make their average day better with your solution will be a clear target message you can put in front of your best customer.

What do they struggle with? What frustrates them? Do they lack time, do they lack information?

Sources of Information

This is considered an essential part of any client profile, as digital marketing requires traffic to be filtered from the best source of communication for your target audience and clients. Where do they get their information from? What books, what influencers, what magazines, what blogs?

Both online and offline sources need to be considered. Our template covers conventional ones and some sources you may not have thought of yourself.

Objections & Role in the Purchase Process

It is essential to recognise the objections to the sale your client encounters, whether it might be competition or procrastination. Once these factors are identified it is easier to handle them during the negation stage of the deal.

Identifying the client also helps with understanding their buying process and following them through the customer journey, from identifying the need to the post-purchase behaviour.

In summary, creating a specific client profile is worth investing the time and resources into, due to its detailed and powerful content. This assists in all your marketing efforts and in the long run will cut down costs, reduce time to conversion and increase leads and sales. When you know who you are talking to you, you will know how to talk to them and where to put your message.

Greenfish Marketing has created the perfect road map to detailing your ideal client. Download our ‘Guide to Building Your Client Profile’ document now and receive a free worksheet to identify your ideal customers and get ahead of the marketing curve.

If you have any further questions about this process get in contact with Greenfish Marketing.

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