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5 Key Areas It Will Improve

Understand Your Customers

Through understanding detailed information about your ideal customer, you’re able to target them accordingly on any platform using the right message at the right time.

Email Marketing

Knowing which profiles should be included or excluded from specific marketing campaigns.

Product Creation

Being able to identify what solutions your profile searching for, and create products that fit them.

Paid Traffic

Know which ad platforms you should buy traffic from and what targeting options you should utilise.

Copy Writing

Knowing how you should describe offers in your email marketing, ads and sales letters in a way that compels your profile to buy.


Knowing what blog posts, videos, podcasts, Lead Magnets, etc. you should create to attract and convert your profile.

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Maximise the Essential Guide that every business needs!

Follow these 3 simple steps

Download the Worksheet

Download the worksheet and read through it.

Follow the Worksheet

Fill in the worksheet thinking about your ideal client.

Complete and Repeat

Complete the form with your first profile then start again with another client (This should happen between 4-6 times)

Hear From The Incredible Clients We’ve Worked With…

Carla & Emma Papas

Stephen provided an amazing overview of our Google Analytics and CRM System. He presented information to us that allowed us to better understand the journey of our leads and customers which will be beneficial to current and future marketing tactics. We would recommend Stephen to anyone who feels at a loss when it comes to analytics and monitoring, Stephen makes it easy to understand and empowers you with real results.

Heather Rendell

We have had the pleasure of working with Stephen Berry. Greenfish Marketing and Stephen provide exceptional, friendly service and works proactively to very tight deadlines. We engaged Stephen to build automated email journeys for our major fundraising event and awareness campaign, which delivered fantastic results to meet our targets. We highly recommend Stephen to any business.

Jarrad Hills

I have been working with Steve across a multitude of different marketing campaigns for two different businesses. His knowledge, professionalism, attention to details, and work ethic completely justify the results that each of our campaigns have achieved. I would highly recommend Steve and Greenfish Marketing to any business.

Ready To Get A Deeper Understanding Of Your Ideal Clients?

Download the worksheet now and strengthen to way you communicate.

GREENFISH MARKETING resources Customer Profile book cover
Download Our Customer Profile Worksheet​


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