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4 Facebook Custom Audiences Your Business Should Be Using

Are you thinking about promoting your business on Facebook but unsure where to start?

With 2.23 billion active Facebook accounts monthly, a presence on Facebook is essential for almost every company. See our blog for ‘what social platform is best for your business’.

Facebook has the ability to reach large audiences, convey messages and encourage action. Utilising Facebook’s services and apps, businesses can connect with audiences throughout the platform.

If you aren’t already using Facebook Ads Manager, it may be a game changer for your marketing efforts… but it can be overwhelming! In this blog we decode its most important elements, so you can structure campaigns to the right audience.

First things first, customising your audience…

What is a custom audience?

Facebook defines ‘Custom Audiences’ as a customer list or type of audience you can create. These lists are made up of warm traffic, in other words, made up from your existing customers. This list is then targeted with ads on your chosen platform e.g. Facebook, Instagram etc.

Custom audiences are the low-hanging fruit in running a successful and scalable campaign. The audiences created are of people who have already expressed an interest in your brand.

Below are four Facebook Custom Audience that your business should have set up. They are the foundation of your Facebook advertising strategy:

The 4 Audiences


Setting up an email audience is easy and effective. Using your database that you may have generated through a contact or subscription form, copy and paste the details into the Customer File section.

Stay on top of uploading these email addresses or use a tool that does this for you, in order to keep the database up to date. This is an audience you want to retarget as they have already expressed interest in your brand, meaning they are further down the sales funnel and are more likely to buy.

Phone numbers

Phone numbers are also very likely connected to a potential customers Facebook page. Uploading phone numbers that are also generated through your ‘Contact Form’ or other means will build your custom audience.

This is another very important retargeting audience. As they are already interested in what you’re offering, they may just need reminding of your product.

Website Traffic

The power of the pixel. The most powerful tool in defining and building your interested audience. The pixel documents audiences that have visited your website, app or online store. Setting up the pixel is a one-step process and allows you to track everyone who visits your website.

When installing the pixel, set it up once and right! Take a look at the Meta Pixel Setup Up (formally known as the Facebook Pixel)and start tracking who visits your website. Once it is set up, build a custom audience for ‘website visitors’ or segmented pages for specific retargeting. The pixel and the custom audience then work hand in hand and run on auto-pilot in building your audience. We recommend installing the Meta Pixel Helper (formally known as the Facebook Pixel) to help troubleshoot any issues.

Conversion Thank You Page

Tracking your conversions is essential in understanding the effectiveness of your lead pages. A confirmation/thank-you page is ideal for tracking this conversion. It is able to segment audiences of people who converted or of people who expressed interest but did not commit the desired action.

When retargeting these audiences it is important to exclude the people who did opt-in as they have already taken the desired action. Retargeting this audience is crucial in growing leads. They’ve expressed interest in your offer but need a further push to get them over the line.

Before implementing any changes to your Facebook strategy it is a good idea to check out Facebook’s Custom Audiences terms of service. To make sure you’re following the current rules and conditions.

Facebook Ad Manager is a powerful tool and critical in building momentum and targeting your ideal customer. Even start by utilising 1 of the 4 custom audiences and you should see results.

Interested in seeing better results from your Facebook marketing? The team at Greenfish Marketing can help. Whether it’s assisting with Facebook Ad Manager or building a full campaign, we can help get a better return on your investment. Contact us to find out more.

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