Benefits of Automated Marketing For Your Business

Marketing automation: what is it?

Automated marketing is a combination of software and strategy used to manage campaigns. As the name suggests… automatically.

Email, web, social and content; automation can be applied across them all. The technology allows a business to not only automate but streamline and measure its marketing campaigns.

Marketing automation is not the only thing that can help your business succeed, so why use it? What are the benefits of marketing automation for your business? Let us enlighten you.

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Customer experience

Your customers are your organisations greatest asset. Automation is the key to offering your prospects and customers an amazing experience.

Automated emails based on action are powerful automation to put in place. Using your companies channels, you can send follow-up emails based on behaviours. For example, following up with someone after they left an item in their cart but didn’t buy. Sending a welcome email as soon as someone subscribes. This automation builds the customers experience, as well as an authority and return for your company.

Automation platforms can help develop strategies for retention and loyalty. Data can be simplified, segmented according to an audience as well as provide metrics. This can give your business insightful information to adapt and deliver a better experience to your prospects and customers.

Personalisation is key. Automation platforms can be set up to feel as real as an organic, personalised email. 78% of customers will only engage with offers from brands that are personalised to their past experience. This is why personalisation and automation technology is the future.

Time & Cost

The phrase ‘Time is Money’ is as accurate as it is overused, and we stand by this. Automation technology will save your organisation precious time and money. Time is a valuable resource, which automation can give you more of when putting it in place correctly.

Repetitive and mundane tasks are normally the most important. In the past, you either had to do it yourself or had to employ someone to do it. Eating away at your bottom line. Yet automation, once set up, lowers the staff hours and labour to complete these tasks.

When implemented correctly, automation often improves ROI and increases profits. Although the initial process of setting it up isn’t low, it has a great success rate with high results.


Automated marketing software provides clear and concise results. Allowing organisations to build on the data and improves sale conversions. It will provide your business with a better understanding of who your prospects are and what they respond to.

This type of software gives the functionality to improve relationships and content. It delivers value on not just a technical aspect, but a business aspect.

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