23 Ways to Grow Your Shopify Store

If you have a direct to consumer (DTC) eCommerce brand, you should be working towards achieving at least 25% of your revenue from email marketing – though many brands aim for, and reach, closer to 50% or 60%.

If you’re using Shopify to power your DTC eCommerce store, you’re already ahead of the game. It’s such a powerful yet easy to use platform that makes it easy for brands of all sizes to make serious revenue online.

Shopify is great on its own, but becomes almost unstoppable when it’s paired with the right email marking tool, like Klaviyo. The automations and integrations you can implement between the two systems will help you sell more.

Here are Greenfish Marketing’s recommended ways to grow your online revenue.

The Most Important Step: Database Segmentation

It’s crucial that you know who you are selling too.

In our Customer Profile Worksheet, we help you identify who your customers are, and once you know who you’re communicating with, you can separate your audience into “segments” to easily send the right email marketing messages to the right people.

Without a properly segmented, relatively “clean” database, you’ll struggle to achieve and measure your results.

3 basic and simple segments that every company should be using are:

  • Whole Database (excluding, unsubscribed and bounced emails)
  • Engaged (opened in the last 3 months, purchased or visited online store)
  • Disengaged (not opened in the last 3 months, never purchased)

21 Automations You Need To Implement To Make More Money

1. Welcome Series

A ‘welcome series’ is a collection of emails that are written with engaging your new customers. A successful welcome series campaign is informative, clear and actionable. In our experience (and we’ve literally sent 100’s of millions of emails for our clients), a good welcome series will generally perform 4 x higher than other emails when you’re looking at statistics like open and click through rate.

2. Abandoned Cart

Shopify estimates that up to 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. And while there’s many and varied reasons as to why and when someone might add something to their cart and not complete checkout, there’s also many instances where sending them reminders (with or without an incentive) will make you more money.

3. Abandoned Browse Reminders

You guessed it – just as there is a difference between adding to cart before leaving your website and starting checkout before leaving your website, there’s also subtleties in how you can target communication with people who were browsing items, but not taking action, consistency between your emails and can go a long way towards building brand loyalty.

4. Site Abandoned Emails

This is for the people who have been to your website but didn’t stick around long enough to really explore your products or offerings. There was obviously something that drew them to you, so crafting emails that suit each stage of the customer’s journey to your website is going to increase your conversions (will focus on 8 different stages of the Customer’s Journey).

5. Thank You Emails

We know you express gratitude and thanks on the confirmation screen and the transactional emails you send. But think about the varying levels of customer service you receive in a bricks and mortar shop. You know there’s a difference between the bare minimum and a really great experience. We’ve found that sending a specific thank you email can be twice as engaging as your other sends so don’t miss that chance to really strengthen your relationship with your customers.

6. Bounce Back Flow

This is really effective – offering an incentive for people to increase their recently submitted order can make you more money and create more loyal and engaged customers. This works best when you’re giving a good incentive like a significant percentage off the sale or other exclusive and enticing offer.

7. Upsell/Cross-sell Flow

Most eCommerce platforms like Shopify have powerful artificial intelligence and data modelling capabilities that basically know your customers better than they know themselves when it comes to the other products they’ll want to purchase from you. This can be used to make highly personalised purchasing suggestions that not only make you more money, but also keep that customer loyal.

8. Product Review Flow

Did you know that almost 90% of potential customers read at least one review before they make a decision to purchase? Reviews are important, and also really easy to get when you’re savvy with your email marketing automations.

9. Product Replenishment Flow

We told you the systems are smart – if you’re selling consumables (this works great for cosmetic and beauty products), you can set up automations that know when your customers are going to be running low on their favourite products and prompt them to re-order. Don’t leave your customer’s ongoing loyalty to you in their hands, make it easy for them to keep doing business with you.

10. VIP Flow

Loyalty programs and VIP incentives still work and some savvy personalisations and automations can make it really easy for you to keep your highest value customers in the know and feeling special. It doesn’t have to be complicated, even giving them slightly earlier access to stock drops and sales or a higher discount can be really effective.

11. Loyalty Program Flows

Do you have customers who are only one or two purchases off getting a bigger reward? You can easily let them know and encourage them to shop with you and “cash in” their loyalty incentive at the same time.

12. Expected Next Purchase Flow

Klaviyo and Shopify are such a smart combination they can predict which of your customers are likely to purchase within the next 30 days. This is a powerful tool to use to get more sales.

13. Birthday Flow

It might only come around once a year for each customer, but that’s enough to get you some great sales and increased customer loyalty as Birthday’s happen every day of the year.. Don’t forget this is the time other brands and businesses will be sending your customers things too, so you want to make sure they remember you cared! (what about an early birthday present and sent it a couple of days early)

14. Anniversary Flow

This is another one that doesn’t happen as often, but doesn’t need to when you’re doing it right. Email Marketing platforms can automatically send something to celebrate someone’s anniversary with your brand, and incentives don’t have to be huge to get sales results.

15. Positive/Negative Review Flow

This lets you reward customers who had a great experience with a discount or incentive, and try to correct or get more feedback from those who didn’t like your product or service.

16. Weekly Stock Updates

This works great for fashion or other regularly updated lines. Let people know what’s new, what’s been reduced, what’s coming back and you’ll see those sales come through.

17. Restock Flow

A great prompt for favourite items of your customers or to increase the profile of your best (or least) selling lines.

18. Price Drop Flow

People love a discount so if you’re adjusting your prices, you can automatically let the people likely to purchase them know about the new rate.

19. Out of Stock Flow

This can help you upsell alternatives and create demand for your products because many people won’t want to “miss out” next time.

20. Customer Win Back

Whether it’s been awhile since they’ve opened your emails, or since they’ve spent money with you, reaching out with a specific campaign to re- engage your customers is doubly effective. Not only can it literally win you back business that might be going elsewhere, but it also lets you ensure that your database is full of engaged, ready to buy customers.

21. Sunset Flow

These are for the people who all but said goodbye to your brand already and this campaign helps you end the relationship on a high and remove their details from your database if your winback attempts weren’t successful.

A Good Newsletter

Once you’ve welcomed customers to your brand and your database, you want to keep them engaged. One of the best ways to do this is with a regular email newsletter. The frequency of the send will depend on a few factors (industry, how often things change/update etc) but it’s one of the key ways to help you sell more products or services to more people. Of course, you can only do these flows with the right tools. You need to have a system that is capable of these kinds of workflows. That’s why we recommend Klaviyo and Shopify as the best combination for direct to consumer ecommerce brands, but it works well for every online business.

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