8 reasons to choose Klaviyo over Mailchimp

8 reasons to choose Klaviyo over Mailchimp

Listen up, eCommerce businesses! You’ve heard all the benefits of email automation? Next and most importantly, what software should you implement? You’re likely after a platform all-inclusive of building and managing mailing lists, newsletters, automated marketing campaigns, and beyond!

You might do a quick Google search for ‘Email Marketing’ and Mailchimp pops up. Maybe you’re already familiar with that name or you just read the preview text and it sounds like a decent option. What if we told you we have a suggestion that can one-up it?

Klaviyo is the new kid on the block! This growth marketing platform packs a punch. They are recognised for enabling your brand to build unlimited high-value relationships through email, mobile and the web. Your end goal isn’t to send a whole lot of emails – it’s to make sales and increase return of investment (ROI). Klaviyo aligns with these business goals, hence the 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Capterra
Need further convincing? The team at Greenfish are here to provide you with 8 key advantages of why Klaviyo is your go-to Marketing Automation provider.

  1. Ease of use

With nine out of ten marketers regularly using more than one form of marketing automation software, adoption plays a large role in how these businesses pick a platform. Klaviyo ranked a 4.4 out of 5-star rating for the usability of their program. With the numerous advanced features, it gets a seal of approval for usability as customer’s experience strengthens its appeal. 

Offering over 100+ pre-built integrations, Klaviyo just keeps getting better. From shipping solutions to rewards programs – they have your eCommerce needs sorted. They’ll be no holding back with supporting tools including Facebook, Eventbrite, Shopify, Woo-Commerce and more. Not only does this make it easier for your experience, but also your customer’s journey. 

  1. Customer service

Klaviyo has an experienced and friendly team on-hand during business hours. Just be logged into your Klaviyo account, and their in-app support features are at your fingertips. From the Support link in the top menu bar, you can:

  • Search the Klaviyo Help Center
  • Email support
  • Live chat (only available for customers on paid plans)

Speak of the devil, i.e. ease of use, Klaviyo has a Getting Started Roadmap to provide you resources and streamline the joining process. 

  1. Tight integration with Shopify

10,000 Shopify stores who interfaced with Mailchimp have made the switch over to Klaviyo in the last 2 years. Will you be the next? The marketing platform is recognised to grow more Shopify businesses than any other, with those clients seeing an average increase of 46% total revenue. 

Integrate your Shopify with Klaviyo and start sending more personal and targeted communication in a matter of minutes. Klaviyo allows a more seamless experience, while it collects and stores all the relevant data from Shopify. You’ll be building and nurturing better relationships, delivering more memorable experiences and driving more sales. 

  1. And Facebook too!

An average Facebook user clicks on 11 ads per month. That’s one every three days. Remember, it only takes a click to be effective. Is your eCommerce store already taking advantage of Facebook Advertising? Klaviyo can take it to the next level! 

Integrating this process allows you to connect with Facebook customer audiences, so you truly get the most out of your eCommerce targeting efforts. Not only is it extremely user friendly (no need for programming skills) – the automation, templates and forms are simple to fill out and let you delve deeper. You build your own rules and conditions that are going to get you the most out of segmenting and targeting your email marketing. 

  1. Value for money

The unique (and fantastic) thing about Klaviyo’s pricing is you only pay for the email contacts and SMS messages your business needs. That’s right – no annual contracts or hidden fees!

You chose the budget for your account and the best channel for your business, whether you utilise both email and SMS, or either one separately. Each MMS message costs $.03 while every SMS message costs $.01. You can also create an account for free, where you can import and sync your data and start customising templates and email for your eCommerce business. It allows you to send 500 emails and 50 texts to up to 250 contacts before your prompted to upgrade. Why not try before you buy?

  1. Personalisation

At the core of every good marketing campaign is personalisation. And why wouldn’t it be? Email personalisation is found to deliver a 6x higher transactional rate. There are no limitations when it comes to Klaviyo. Through the power of events, profile properties, location, predicted values, and more – it’s a force to be reckoned with. Klaviyo’s guide to email personalisation can get you started. What should you expect? 

  • Personalised automation that allows you to utilise the Flow Builder across the entire customer journey while optimising them along the way through A/B and split testing.
  • Targeted campaigns using pre-made templates that pull in product recommendations and other dynamic data for personalisation.
  • Social advertising syncs up and segmenting to reach the right audience to grow your business.
  • SMS the customers who prefer a text over email in a timely manner to leverage the benefits of personalisation to maximise ROI.
  1. Segmentation

Whether you’re getting started with creating segments or reaping the benefits of advanced segmentation, Klaviyo ensures your utilising the benefits of segmented audiences in all its glory! This means you can see your customers purchases, how much money they spent and the interactions they had with your website and emails. 

Klaviyo has been specifically designed to store all of a business’ customer data in its system, making it easier to segment. It allows you to deliver a unique experience for your audiences, by sending marketing emails that specifically do what you need it to do – attract more sales!

  1. Automation

We love to yap on about the benefits of automation but as an eCommerce marketing automation platform, Klaviyo speaks for itself. Their automated email tools let you make money while you sleep. Meanwhile, you don’t need to sacrifice powerful functionality and advanced features for ease of use. 

Klaviyo is known for its cutting edge data science. They automatically-generate predictions for lifetime value, churn risk, gender, optimal send time, and personalised product recommendations. Real-time reporting is utilised to get the very most our of email campaigns, allowing each customer to go down the sales funnel and introspectively make your business more money. You can begin by learning the basics here.

We hope by now you see value in switching to an email marketing platform that will truly scale with your business. Klaviyo is the underdog that’s shaping the way to make more money with email marketing.

For more reasons to switch from Mailchimp to Klaviyo, book a Strategy Call today!

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