Are you over-complicating your marketing?

Are we making it harder for ourselves…..

We’ve all heard of the KISS principle, “keep it simple, stupid’; the realisation that systems work best when there simple rather than complicated. A saying that has been around for over 50 years, however is still so significant to digital marketing today.

Simplicity should be an essential part to your online presence, whether it’s through your social media platforms, website or an email your sending. Your prospects and clients expect something clear and simple. Why? Because simple is relevant and relatable.

But ‘simple’ marketing isn’t as easy to grasp as what its definition suggests. So here is some pointers on how to keep your business’ digital marketing simple.


Defining priorities and goals is essential for every company, from small to large scale. It allows all areas of the business to benefit, including your online presence and brand image. It’s hard to portray expectations without having what you stand for clearly outlined.

Physically writing down your business’ mission and aim, and placing a print of it somewhere for all staff to see is a useful technique to carry out prioritisation. Visualisations can assist in making one think about how these objectives have been put to action, particularly through your organisations digital platforms. 


Figuratively and physically, a ‘marketing detox’ might just be what your organisation needs. In the metaphorical sense, it coincides with prioritising through clarifying what you want for your business, and getting staff on board. Visible clutter in your digital work space also has a negative impact on attention, attitudes and action, therefore if it important to employ a clear mindset and design when building or developing your website.

If you have difficultly understanding something, so will your audience. Ask yourself these questions. Is the copywriting easy to read? Can you easily access information such as contact details? Is there anything with the design that’s distracting or off-putting?

Your most important resources is your time, money and people. Consider the effect of how de-cluttering can simplify these factors.

Decision making

Keeping decisions simple is just as important, and when it comes to designing your website, analysing each component and making realistic choices is essential.

The three-click rule, is a theory which suggests a website user should be able to find any information within three or less clicks. Although this is an unofficial design rule, the idea of user experience being efficient and simple is ideal to digital marketing.

People expect simplicity from your online platforms, so this should be an easy decision.

Make it simply


Apple’s Steve Jobs stated, “simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” Through prioritising, de-cluttering and decision making, you should know what to expect from your website and digital marketing.

Also through simplifying your expectations, suddenly even the slightest amount of online traffic or positive feedback will be that much more rewarding.

Have a logical and straight forward outlook on how to best utilise your online presence with what you are working hard for, and as Jobs would put it “once you get there, you can move mountains.”

Focus on one thing

The art of doing one thing at a time is just as important as the art of simplicity. Relating back to previous points, doing these things (one at a time – of course), will help you understand what your business does much better than everyone else.

Give everything you have to that one thing. Be straight to the point through your content online, making sure every word serves a purpose. This show you know what your talking about and you don’t have to compromise on quality, because quality should be straightforward.

Simple is success and success is made simple through simplicity. Greenfish believes in utilising a simple and innovative approach to your digital marketing. We can help you get the best out of simple. Contact us today.

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