What does your website say about your personality?

Websites are like people, they have personalities. A combination of qualities or characteristics which form ones individuality, or in the respect of marketing, a company’s brand image.

We are quite aware that we are living within the digital era, and with that comes the role of advertising being primarily based online. And what’s just as important as having a website, need you ask? Having a website with a personality that reflects the values and attributes of your business.

Have a look at the website of a competitor or your own. How would you describe its personality? Factual or emotive? Creative or practical? Busy or simple? These are a few of the many questions we can ask ourselves to figure out if we are making the most of our sites personality. 

We can observe the colours, layout, text size and font to understand this. Also take note of the copy and images… are they still relevant and of high quality?

A great website which reflects a company’s brand and personality effectively will attract viewers, persuade and get them to take action. A bad website or websites that poorly represent this can get overlooked.

Not sure how to best portray your web personality … keep reading to find out!


You know your business better than anyone, and if you’re having difficulty to understand your brands personality start with these questions;

Who are we?

Know the core beliefs of your business, including your mission and vision statement. The ‘About’ and ‘Team’ page is a essential in providing background information and displaying the personalities of the people who shape your company, your staff. This instils likability and trustworthiness with viewers.

In saying this, not only know your goals but the goals of the people coming to your website. Consider your customer through the fonts and colours portrayed and the use of language they can relate to. Remember, simple is effective! (Check out our blog on simplicity) Look at undertaking an online customer survey to truely understand your target audience, because essential your customer is your business.

What makes us unique?

Identify what sets you apart from your competitors and utilise this through the different aspects of your web design. It may be visually or through the copy that expresses what makes your company distinct from other business’s in the market.  

Keep in mind that your brand personality can be represented in number of different ways, from what tone of voice you use to how set out the design. Maybe your ‘Services’ might be what sets you apart, but ideally you want to not only display what your do, but how you do it. Visual communications is a great way to increase brand engagement and user experience.

How can people find us?

Personifyingyour website is essential to increasing website traffic. SEO and Google Ads and Facebook Ads can help, but your brand image and distant site personality is what draws attention, creating leads and sales. Outsourcing to someone to develop a website could be a wise move; it may be a generous investment, but it’s a smart investment.

Greenfish Marketing can assist you with building or refining your website to best fit your company’s personality. We have the right expertise to make sure your design reflects your brand image.

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