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The benefits of why every business should have a newsletter!

With the options of what marketing strategies your company should be taking advantage of seeming endless, you may be thinking ‘does my business really need a newsletter?’.

You might not be sure if it’s worth the investment of your time and energy, especially with the likes of automation, social media, SEO and Facebook or Google Ads being in the digital spotlight.

What if we told you that a newsletter is just as important, if not the most valuable tool for your business’ marketing campaign. You won’t be able to argue with us once hearing these benefits.

Establishing & building relationships

You want your customers to feel part of your family. A newsletter can help existing customers feel respected and stay in the loop, while also bringing in new prospects.

A study by Return Path stated that consumers receive more newsletters than personal emails, followed by evidence that customers actually want to receive emails with marketing information.

Newsletters which follow effective email processes and distribute engaging content, strengthen your target markets connection to your brand. By connecting with that audience and informing them alongside selling, you’re ultimately developing brand loyalty and an effective long-term relationship.

Segment your audience

MailChimp recognised that segmented emails get 14.28% more opens than non-segmented campaigns, and a whopping 57.67% more clicks!

If your newsletter can resonate and add value to the interaction with its target audience, it will also build trust. By doing the opposite people will most likely unsubscribe and delete your email, therefore there’s quite a fine line.

In saying this, segmenting your list to your subscribers based on online behaviours and habits, demographics and overall engagement is crucial. In the long run it will definitely pay off – For more on segmentation check out our blog on: The Importance of Segmented Audiences

Cost & time effective

If you have read our blog about the advantages of email marketing, you’ll be quite aware that email is considered to have the strongest ROI channels. Newsletters are one part of an effective email marketing strategy.

As well as newsletters being cost effective, it’s also a time effective strategy. Selecting a few simple goals for your newsletter makes it easy to build and stay on schedule, whether they’re communicated weekly, bi weekly or monthly. Another added advantage is you can plan in advance when it will go live to your audience.

Increase leads & sales

Your business most likely has a website and although some customers may come across it organically, don’t always expect they will. A newsletter plays an integral role in driving traffic to your site.

Introducing a strong call of action to encourage them to drive their presence to your site, while engaging them through your content will hopefully get them to make a purchase. Convince & Convert stated that 44 percent of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email. Coinciding with segmentation and building relationships, this benefit achieves most business’ goals.

Email Marketing Checklist

Boost other digital efforts  

Like how newsletters and email go so well together, so do newsletters and your other digital marketing strategies.

Facebook, Instagram, Twittter or LinkedIn – does your business utilise at least one of these social media networks? If so, feature the handles in your newsletter! This will essentially grow these channels, giving your business the opportunity of generating more activity and active users on your social media sites, while continuing the circle of marketing and sales.

Position & measure your brands awareness

Attracting new prospective buyers and re-engaging with your existing customer base requires communication, and newsletters are an effective way to do this. Keep your brand front and centre with clients, though sharing the latest news, promotions and product information.

A newsletter campaign can also be great way to monitor your company’s awareness with your target audience through clickthrough, conversions, list growth, delivery rate and ROI. If these rates aren’t looking great, it might be time to reconsider your overall marketing strategy.

Greenfish Marketing have the right expertise to assist your with Email and Digital  Marketing Strategies. Get in contact with our team today. 

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