Why Should You Audit your Sales, Marketing, and CRM System?

Why Should You Audit your Sales, Marketing, and CRM System?

Has your business audited its operations lately? Audits are necessary for businesses to thrive, as they help in finding the capacity at which they are operating and what needs improvement.

Companies may perform audits on various areas of their operations, from sales, marketing and CRM systems. Since audits are thorough, they can help you determine whether your business is working efficiently to meet particular benchmarks.

Why should you audit your sales?

A sales audit is quite similar to other business audits like financial and income tax audits. Unlike other audits, a sales audit doesn’t just cover one aspect of the sales process. This audit is used to evaluate how effective all the sales processes are and determine whether the sales strategies are cost-effective and useful in getting profits. 

A typical sales audit includes these areas:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Measurements
  • Strategy
  • People
  • Processes
  • Sales channels
  • Technology
  • Compensation plans
  • Marketing

Businesses use a sales audit to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the complete sales process and what should be done to better the overall sales strategy. While several companies opt for one sales audit every year, the general tip is to do a quarterly sales audit. The quarterly sales audit will give you a regular picture of the situation and let you improve your strategy timely.

Why should you audit your marketing?

Similar to the sales review, a marketing audit helps identify significant faults in plans, process, and execution before it causes a business any potential loss. A marketing audit should interpret the overall business marketing environment, including internal and external. Getting a gauge of what the competition is doing is vital for business success. 

Through exploring all the marketing strategies currently in use and evaluating their effectiveness, allows you a chance to go back to the drawing board and workshop areas which need improvement. As new technologies and strategies continue to evolve, this kind of audit is more important than ever.

Marketing audits can be a wake-up call for you to stop wasting money on unnecessary things. Without an audit, you might never know if the tool you’re using for marketing is yielding any results. Doing timely marketing audits and reporting regularly will help you maximise your marketing investment.

Why should you audit your CRM system?

A CRM system is a critical aspect for any business to keep working and generate revenue. It helps in maximising the utility of marketing strategies, while strengthening relationships with your customers. With time, it is observed that CRMs collect tons of stale and false data, causing inefficiencies of all sorts. 

A regular CRM audit helps you identify incorrect data. It also lets you find usage patterns, compliance issues, and analyse how good or bad your CRM software is performing as compared to the last audit. Find out more about optimising your CRM strategy here.

All audits, whether they be sales, marketing, or CRM, are essential for the jeopardy of your business. It gives you a critical review of what is missing in each field and lets you constantly strive for long term business growth.

Interested in sustaining long term business growth? A strategic and automated marketing approach can help. Chat to our team today about what Greenfish Marketing can do to assist in optimising your company’s strategy. Think of it as a mini audit!

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