How to make money while you’re sleeping!

The phrase ‘to be rich you need to make money while you’re sleeping’ is thrown around a lot. For any small business owner (or any business owner in fact!) time is something that we all wish we had more of…but that’s not something we can change. Having the right systems to drive your business ‘while you’re sleeping’ can make a huge difference. Whether it’s a sales pipeline, customer support or communicating with your current client base.

It’s not always easy as a small business owner to instantly answer every email, text message or phone call as soon as it happens. Now is the time to look at how you can automate this process so that you’re able to grow your business, offer the best customer service and know you’re in control.

The world of marketing these days is all about interaction and conversion. Customers want quick answers to their questions, and if you can’t provide them they’ll move on to your competitor that can!

First, let’s look at a simple sales communication pipeline…

1. Provide the right content

Make sure your information is clear and easy to understand.

2. Ask the right first question(s)

Ask the right question so that you are able to give the right answer, tailor your response and show that you can help.

3. Instant answer

Answer the question the customer has asked, instantly if you know the answer, but be ready to move onto the next step quickly.

4. Create a conversion

Start the next question in the conversation to get more information, always making sure that the question is open ended and wait for your answer.

5. Stay in touch

Get the clients information, stay in touch with follow up emails, calls, monthly newsletters etc to ensure that you stay front of mind.

Now let’s apply this to a real life example…

For a car part supplier, the most common question would be, how much does XXX for a XXX cost. i.e. How much does a spark plug set for a Holden cruise cost?

So the potential client visits the car part suppliers website…

1. They notice a downloadable PDF Price Guide for the most common makes and models – PROVIDE THE RIGHT CONTENT

2. They click to download the PDF and are prompted to answer the following questions: Name, Email, Phone Number, Car Make, Car Model – ASK THE RIGHT FIRST QUESTION(S)

3. They instantly receive in their email the PDF document, with a welcome email – INSTANT ANSWER

4. They receive a follow up email shortly after that is a bit more tailored about what parts the client is looking for – START THE CONVERSATION

for example…


We notice you downloaded our PDF price guide and were looking for parts for a Holden Cruise. We have a large range of stock on site, let me see if we have what you are looking for ready for you to pick up or that we can send out to you.

What part specifically were you looking for?


The Richmond Car Part Company

5. Respond via email or call the client to see how you can help. You know the make and model, you just need to know the part (if they didn’t answer or email), or follow up with another email, add them to your newsletter series or send a promotional voucher STAY IN TOUCH.

This automated communication can allow you as the business owner to know more about your potential new client so you can move to the next stage of the sales process.

It’s time to start making automation a feature in your business.

Greenfish Marketing, has the guides, processes and services to help with:

  • Building a Contact List
  • Online Form Submissions
  • Communicating with older clients or
  • Answering that most asked question

Contact us today and see how we are can make your business cleaner, more streamline and easier for you.

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