Why your business should take advantage of Email Marketing

If you have an email address, chances are you know the struggle of the promotions, junk and spam which make its way into your inbox on a daily basis. 

Some may consider emails as another insignificant notification from an ‘out-of-date’ platform. You may even ask with social media and mobile marketing emerging, is email marketing close to extinction? 

Consider this though – last years ‘Marketer email tracking survey’ by DMA Insight reported that 95% of marketer’s considered email marketing as ‘very important’ or ‘important’, with little under 2% of marketer’s disclosing its as not having importance .  

Email Importance chart - imageHere’s why we are keeping our faith in trusty ol’ email and why you should be too. 


Email marketing allows exposure at the audiences fingertips. 

3 in 5 consumers check their email on the go, through their mobile device. Whether its in line at a coffee shop, during the work commute, or in the doctors waiting rooms; people are checking email as much as social media. 

That being said, unlike social media posts that get lost in timelines, emails stay around until the user takes action. This increases the likelihood that your message will get noticed.  


Money makes the world go round and so does email marketing. 

Not only does it allow business’s to reach large number of consumers, it also cost them nearly nothing per message. With traditional marketing efforts such as printing and postage being costly. electronic lets you to share the same imagery with the added advantage information at the tip of your finger.  

More advanced email software may require a more significant investment, fact of the matter however is that email marketing is considered to have the strongest ROI channel. Email marketing is one of most cost-effective strategies. 


Email marketing is evolving as much as it platforms. 

Todays Gmail app on your smartphone is much different to what an AOL Mailbox looked like many moons ago. In addition to looking smarter, they are also more advanced; making email more accessible than other digital marketing channels. 

Mobile Email Image

Email marketing software can automate email campaigns based on user activity, as well as provide information of user engagement and activity. Good news is you also don’t need to be a coding genius to interpret any of these details. 


Technology as progressive as email marketing itself. 

In terms of todays email marketing software, a company can track its email viewers, the links which were clicked, and the amount of people who unsubscribed.  

With the opportunity to monitor and measure how their email campaigns are performing, it is also an effective way to make adjustments and improve marketing tactics as a whole. 


Email marketing can complement your other marketing initiatives. 

Companies can also use email to further distribute their original content and cross-sell based on the purchase behaviour of the consumers at the time. 

With complete control over the timing and message, email marketing is an integral aspect of your marketing plan.  


Email marketing provides a tailored experience. 

Emails which have personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.  

Using the right software, you can also segment your audience into lists, send a tailored email message that resonates with your reader; giving them something of value. Check out our blog on: How Active Campaign Can Help Your Business

Is your business not taking full advantage of the benefits this can provide?

Greenfish Marketing specialises in email, digital and automated marketing, assisting you with quality content and the ability to grow your email list. Contact us to help strengthen your email strategy and download our Email Checklist now.

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