Your Property Your Wealth

Your Property Your Wealth is a multi-award winning full service property investment agency who help a national database of clients make strategic real estate purchases to build a wealth building property portfolio. They manage a client portfolio worth hundreds of millions of dollars around the country and take the guesswork out of knowing when and where to buy.

The Issue

Your Property Your Wealth came to Greenfish Marketing during a website redesign project. They had ambitious goals for the reach their new website would bring them, but knew their business systems and processes weren’t optimised for the kind of growth they were targeting.

The Your Property Your Wealth team decided to take proactive steps to ensure that their business was ready to grow and reached out to Greenfish Marketing to discuss options for systems, processes and automations that could help them now and into the future.

Project Overview:


The Solution

Working directly with Greenfish Marketing’s Founder and Head of Strategy Stephen Berry, one of the first strategy calls was used to map out Your Property Your Wealth’s current systems, software and applications and processes. Working with a robust understanding of where they were and where they were headed meant that strategies and automations could be put in place to ensure success.

This included but was not limited to: 

  • Ensuring that Your Property Your Wealth’s processes were efficient before embarking on automation
  • Focusing on time saving efficiency to ensure that Your Property Your Wealth’s lean team could maximise their one on one time with clients instead of administration tasks 
  • Reducing Your Property Your Wealth’s reliance on Excel Spreadsheets and separate files and folders for customer data 

Implementing an optimised CRM with strategic automations was key to ensuring that Your Property Your Wealth was ready to give better service to their customers now, and could maintain those levels as they grow.


We’ve seen our business almost double in the last eight months...

And that’s just because of the systems that are in place that now we can effectively use our time to scale our business, thanks to Greenfish Marketing.

Working with Stephen, we were able to solve all the problems within our business before we scaled, making sure that we really built a great foundation to give our clients the most quality high service that there is in our space. We knew that with their help, we were going to systemise and automate our business in the most efficient and effective way.

Once you’ve been able to automate and systemise your business, you will realise just how much more quality work you can do and how much more you can do for your clients. If you want to get back your time in your business, you need to get in contact with Greenfish Marketing and Stephen because, ultimately, they will be able to get your business to the next level.

Daniel Walsh

Buyers Agent and Director

Daniel Walsh


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