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Bubblegum Casting

Bubblegum Casting has been connecting child and infant models and performers with jobs in the modelling, film and television industry since 1981. They also provide comprehensive support to the child talent and their parents before, during and after shoots they’ve booked.  Bubblegum Casting’s client list includes high profile brands and productions and they’re known for their ability to match their talented youngsters with the right jobs and projects to help them shine.

The Issue

Bubblegum Casting came to Greenfish Marketing when they knew they had outgrown their old way of working and needed to streamline their processes and upgrade to a system that worked for them. Coordinating between talent, production companies and brands meant that they needed enhanced functionality to be able to clearly see where everyone, and everything, was at each stage of the process and their previous CRM had both functionality issues and capability limitations that would hinder Bubblegum Casting’s ability to implement improvements.

Project Overview:


The Solution

Greenfish Marketing’s Founder and Head of Strategy Stephen knows how to help businesses optimise their systems and processes to have more successful projects, and a better relationship with their clients and suppliers. Stephen worked closely with Bubblegum Casting’s Managing Director Adam to understand where they were, and where they wanted to go along with where their pressure points and struggles lay. Stephen was then able to recommend and implement a solution that offered strategies, automations and optimisations that set Bubblegum Casting up for success.

This included but was not limited to: 

  • Reviewing the current journey of talent, suppliers and brands
  • Focusing on implementing automations that provided efficiencies so that the Bubblegum Casting team’s processes weren’t as reliant on manual administration and follow ups. 
  • Migrating Bubblegum Casting from their current Zoho platform and integrations to a fully implemented ActiveCampaign 
  • Providing both CRM and Text/Email Marketing and Communication solution
  • Two way SMS – where Bubblegum could send texts to talent and receive replies – were a key part of the strategy to help facilitate communication and coordination with so many stakeholders

...It’s essential that we have the right CRM and Email Marketing platform to support us in our work, and choosing ActiveCampaign from Greenfish Marketing was the right choice for us.

“I have a background in online businesses and digital marketing and I knew Bubblegum Casting needed something better in place, not just to support how we work now, but where we’re going in the future too.

Working with Greenfish Marketing was absolutely the right choice for us. They were such a vital part of this project and their support is going to help take us to the next level.

Bubblegum Casting is built on a foundation of relationships and communication, between us and the talent on our books; between us and the brands we support and between us and the production crews. It’s essential that we have the right CRM and Email Marketing platform to support us in our work, and choosing ActiveCampaign from Greenfish Marketing was the right choice for us”.

Adam Jacobs

Managing Director



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