Pilates Just For You

Pilates Just For You is a boutique in person and online studio who focus on providing that personal support and experience that some group fitness modalities lack. Through a variety of Pilates styles including reformer, mat and home based workouts, the Pilates Just For You team help strengthen bodies and mindsets with their unique approach.

The Issue

Like many fitness businesses, Pilates Just For You has experienced significant disruption and change over the past couple of years with lockdowns and ongoing uncertainty making them reconsider what they offer and how they do it.

Pilates Just For You are as passionate about people as they are pilates, but being a small team, lacked the expertise and resources to really elevate their marketing.

Project Overview:


The Solution

Greenfish Marketing’s founder and Head of Strategy Stephen sought to understand what made Pilates Just For You unique, and then mapped out a way for them to connect with their customers in an automated but authentic way; capture and convert leads and ultimately steer their business through a challenging era. 

We helped them elevate their marketing and communication by:  

  • Genuinely tailoring a custom, results orientated solution that was affordable and manageable for a small business to implement 
  • Focusing on ensuring that the business processes and ways of operation were optimised first, then making the software do the rest to save time and increase conversions 
  • Educating and explaining how to use the data in their software to further refine processes and campaigns

I was referred to Stephen at Greenfish in 2021 and I am so glad that we were able to connect and work on my CRM. My specialty is Pilates not marketing so Stephen was great being patient with me in getting my CRM up and running. With a closed business through the lockdowns Stephen was able to tailor to my needs and get me started. Since then I have managed to save hours of time and pickup over a 100 leads for my online and studio business. Stephen has also made himself available at all times to help me problem solve and optimise getting the best results for a small business like mine. It has opened my eyes up to all the potential things I can do to nurture my clients and keep them in my funnel. Thank you Stephen!

Mary Van Orsouw

Pilates Just For You