Project Ten

Founded in 2012 in Geelong, Australia, Project Ten emerged from a simple yet compelling idea that transformed into a thriving business.

Project Ten represents the perfect fusion of style and function, focusing on creating everyday items that not only serve their purpose but also enhance your daily life. Our journey began with an oversized tote, which quickly captured the hearts of our loyal customers. Encouraged by their enthusiastic responses, we’ve expanded our collection to include nine additional sizes and shifted our production to utilize recycled materials.

The Issue

Since 2012 when Jacquie started Project Ten, she has been collecting email addresses of her customers and leads but hasn’t been using them to their full potential. Jacquie had the right email system (Klaviyo) in her business but wasn’t using it to help grow her business. She would send occasional emails for product launches and other events throughout the year but without a strategy and the fundamental automations in place.

Project Overview:


The Solution

To start with, we wanted to review the software, automations and style of the emails that were in the system. Much like a house, having good foundations in place is important if you are looking to grow. After completing the review, this gave us a road map to improve the software and add the missing elements of our processes into the system. 

From here we set the system up correctly, also adding a custom designed Welcome Series, Abandon Cart and Browse and a new Thank You sequence to send after every order. 

The next step was focusing on the contacts in the system and making sure that we were talking to the right people at the right time. Building out the segments and creating an email marketing calendar, allowing us to strategically plan, review and grow the business.

Since working together we have seen huge email growth and now have a structured strategic process that will help Project Ten now and into the future. 

If you would like to see the ‘5 steps we took to increase email revenue by 353% in 6 months’, please click here.


"We attended a workshop presented by Greenfish Marketing early 2023, and it was a game changer for our business. The workshop made us realise we really weren’t using our database effectively.

Steve and his team have completely overhauled our Email marketing strategy with fantastic results. With social media not having the cut through it used to, our new email marketing approach has made a massive difference to our online sales. We now have a well-structured system in place, featuring a number of flows and an email marketing calendar that is consistently providing results.

As a small business, having experts like Steve and his team on our side is a huge relief. Their guidance and proactive approach provides us with a sense of confidence and security in an ever changing landscape. "

Marshal McLean

Project 10


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