Lana Wilkinson

Lana Wilkinson had a successful career as a celebrity stylist before she switched her focus to help all women put their best feet forward with her range of designer look, affordable and ready to wear heels and footwear. The Lana Wilkinson brand focuses on occasion dressing and features statement pieces that have the style and quality of high end designs without the high end price tag.

The Issue

Lana and her team were already working with an agency when they came to Greenfish Marketing and had a basic automation set up in place. They had a relatively out of the box solution that needed some additional personalisation and optimisation. Everything they already had was ok, but not great – including their revenue – and they knew there was potential profit they weren’t unlocking, and deeper ways to connect with and nurture relationships with previous and potential customers, stylists, media and people who love high end fashion.

Project Overview:


The Solution

Greenfish Marketing’s Founder and Head of Strategy Stephen knows how to see opportunities that others can’t. Stephen worked alongside Lana Wilkinson and her team to understand their customer journey and lifecycle. He was able to identify ways that the current communication schedule and structure could be enhanced to create better engagement and increased revenue from email marketing.

This included but was not limited to: 

  • Reviewing the current journey of customers
  • Redesigning the format of some of the emails in the sequences to create interest, urgency and encourage purchasing 
  • Incorporating SMS into the marketing mix
  • Adding split testing across the whole email capture and marketing mix
  • Providing both CRM and Email Marketing/Communication solutions

"Stephen Berry at Greenfish Marketing has been instrumental in contributing to the email marketing strategy and growth of the Lana Wilkinson brand for the past year. Stephen’s insights, knowledge and understanding of the digital landscape is second to none and I’d highly recommend Greenfish Marketing to any business."

Lana Wilkinson

Lana Wilkinson Shoes – Owner & Director


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