INMINDSEYE is an unconventional grunge clothing brand based in Australia, created originally in Bali. 

The Issue: 

Using Mailchimp to send EDM’s, sign-up and abandon cart emails since the business started, Jock and the team understood that they needed to do more to understand how much was being made from email and to find ways to increase sales.

The Solution: 

We needed to move INMINDSEYE onto an email marketing platform that would help them make money and it had to be created from the ground up. We knew that system had to be Klaviyo.

Once we had set up the system it was time to build out the segment the people that they should be contacting, from engaged to unengaged and everything in the middle.

We reformatted and updated the email workflows from customer sign up, abandon cart, after purchase and more.

Project Overview:

Email Marketing, Automated Marketing, Customer Segmentation, Reporting and Analytics and On-going service through Build-out.


What they said:

We started working with Greenfish Marketing to find ways to help improve our Email Marketing. We had been using Mailchimp for a long time and it was great to get us up and running, but we knew that we needed to up our email game. 

We reached out to Stephen at Greenfish Marketing and he explained what we had in place with our sign-up, 1 abandon cart and bi-weekly EDM’s was a great start, but it was time to increase the focus on customer engagement. 

Firstly, they helped us move from Mailchimp to Klaviyo, which we had looked at in the past, but as a time-poor business owner knew I didn’t have the time to set this up and have it working for us from day 1.

Since then they have helped us segment our list correctly, set up new and more extensive email flows for our sign up process, abandon cart and more, as well as helping us structure our EDM’s to help increase sales. 

If you are looking to get more out of your online business with email and need help to set up or improve your current process I recommend you speak to Stephen and  Greenfish Marketing. He has not only done an epic job but has taught us a lot about email marketing.