Enterprise Fitness

Enterprise Fitness is a high profile, in demand boutique gym that offers personal training and clinical naturopathy alongside specialist services such as industry training and fitness competition preparation. 

The Issue

Enterprise Fitness were transitioning from InfusionSoft to ActiveCampaign as part of their preparation for future growth. It was important to them that ActiveCampaign was optimised in a way that would support the funnels and automations they already had in place, while allowing them to move forward with their plans for expansion.

Project Overview:


The Solution

As Founder and Head of Strategy, Stephen’s expertise lies in understanding how to match business processes and goals with the right systems, set up in the right way. The first thing Greenfish Marketing does when we start exploring working with clients is to really understand how they work so we know the solution implemented will support them now, and into the future. 

Because Enterprise Fitness already had an active database and marketing automations in place, the timing of the transition was crucial and Greenfish Marketing were able to:  

  • Ensure continuity of the customer experience during the migration from InfusionSoft to ActiveCampaign 
  • Optimising ActiveCampaign to replicate what was working in their current setup, while ensuring that the application could support growth and integrate with their other business tools and processes 
  • Providing training and support to the Enterprise Fitness team

"Being an ex Infusionsoft client we moved over to ActiveCampaign and Stephen just made that transition seamless.."

Mark Ottobre

Enterprise Fitness – Found & Head Coach

Enterprise Fitness’ Mark Ottobre praised Greenfish Marketing’s handling of their migration to ActiveCampaign, calling the experience “seamless”. For Enterprise Fitness, the way ActiveCampaign worked with their other systems and processes sealed the deal.

Mark Ottobre


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