FeeSynergy Finance is the #1 provider of debtor management software and finance solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

The Issue: 

Having built the most sophisticated debtor management software in Australia and New Zealand, the next stage was to advertise and promote the product to Accounting and Legal firms. Being successful exhibiting at events and sponsoring industry-related awards, it was now time to tackle the digital and email world, but unsure where to start they contacted Greenfish Marketing.

The Solution: 

Firstly, we needed to focus on ‘who’ FeeSyenrgy were going to be targeting with their digital marketing efforts. We completed a Client Profile Workshop to dive deeper into the personalities of the people who will use the system and who the system will benefit.

Secondly, we built a blog on the existing website to start using content marketing to build and strengthen the current client engagement and open up to a new audience posting on Social Media using Email Marketing and Automation to track and analyse engagement.

We knew the next step was the move into paid advertising using Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, but the website needed a full overhaul first to be system and demo focused.

Project Overview:

Client Profile Workshop, Why Workshop, Email Marketing, Automated Marketing, Social Media, Paid Advertising, Reporting and Analytics.



What they said:

“We were looking for an agency that would be able to help create a strategy to increase our social media presence so we could market our target audience more effectively. We also needed someone we could trust to advise us on which platforms to use and to get value for money.

We knew that Greenfish Marketing was working with one of our large clients and getting great results for them. We met Stephen and he quickly “got” our business and understood what we were trying to achieve.

Greenfish Marketing has been great to deal with. In particular, their advice on the design and rebuild of our new website has delivered a great result. They really know their space and are able to articulate the pros and cons of the myriad of available options.

We have learnt a lot about marketing in the digital age from Greenfish and they have exceeded our expectations. We have been working together for over 12 months and we are definitely getting a return on the investment.
If you want to develop an affordable digital marketing strategy that is going to deliver results, I recommend speaking with Stephen and Greenfish Marketing.

Malcolm Ebb – Founder and Managing Director