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The Issue

Wanting to change their CRM platform from Infusionsoft (KEAP) to ActiveCampaign, so they had more control of the system and didn’t have to always go back to the previous consultant due the the confusion of the software.

Project Overview:


The Solution

Initially we needed to understand what automations were running in Infusionsoft and the way that these had been set up. Once we had completed a system audit to get a good understanding we want to complete a customer journey to make sure that the current system matched the planned journey.

From here we replicated the system so that were going to be comparing apples with apples while setting up the new reporting so that Greg and the team had an holistic view of everything.

We made some small changes to improve readability and engagement and then launched the system.

Since the initial project, we have reviewed and improved the system, building out additional automations and functions to assist in increasing sales.


They exceeded my expectations by having it ready two weeks earlier that we thought it was going to take...

I initially hired Greenfish to switch our email marketing and automations over to ActiveCampaign. They exceeded my expectations by having it ready two weeks earlier that we thought it was going to take, PLUS they put a plan together to add some really good improvements not just the automation, but for business in general to make sure we don’t lose leads and we know exactly how well our marketing campaigns are performing.

They also added Databox, which is a dashboard that displays all of our metrics, our all of our email marketing campaigns, conversion rate tracking so we know exactly where each new lead is in our funnel and our deal flows. Now that we have a history of data, they offer suggestions on how to segment and make relevant offers to them.

As a result we’re converting more leads into sales. If you’re looking to have automation set up in your business to help take your business to the next level and you would like to spend less time less of your time figuring out what’s working and what’s not, then I highly recommend you contact Stephen and Greenfish Marketing!

Greg Merrilees

CEO and Founder

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