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Alive & Free Consulting

Alive & Free Consulting are a faith based organisation who help Christian women (and men) free themselves from pain, fear and other limitations holding them back from living their best life. This involves both deep personal healing sessions for individuals and mentoring for fellow spiritually focused coaches.

The Issue

Humility and heart are at the core of what Alive & Free Consulting do, and with two very different clientele focuses and other considerations like confidentiality to consider, the team knew they needed the right CRM to serve their clients and their business.

As the bulk of their services are provided via online courses, ensuring engagement with course content needed to be a key focus. Trust is integral to any healing or coaching relationship, so it was important that their onboarding and client communication emails were streamlined but also foolproof.

Project Overview:


The Solution

Greenfish Marketing’s Founder Stephen did some deep diving sessions with the Alive & Free Consulting team to really hear and understand what their needs were, both from a software and systems perspective but also focusing on putting in place appropriate business processes to support their goals. 

It was clear that properly optimised automation was crucial to Alive & Free Consulting’s success because they needed to: 

  • Be able to build relationships with current and potential clients accessing both therapeutic and growth services. 
  • Nurture clients through both the sales funnel and also throughout their course, including setting them up for success at commencement, celebrating progress and gently re-engaging them if necessary. 
  • Upsell, cross sell and manage leads that had gone cold in a genuine and authentic way.

"He just went above and beyond to get our goals with us... anybody who gets the pleasure of working with Greenfish is going to be ecstatic"

Taylor Robbins

Alive & Free Consulting – CEO

Alive & Free Consulting’s Taylor Robbins tells us about his experience with Greenfish Marketing and how we went above and beyond to ensure that their CRM and marketing automation system worked to service their 900 strong (and growing) client base.

Taylor Robbins


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