5 Reasons Why You Need to Have Google My Business Set-up

Looking to attract new customers to your business for free, while staying connected with them, keeping them informed and encouraging them to act, all while discovering how they interact with your online profile? Well, you need Google My Business.

It is a tool available to organisations which will allow you to do just that, plus much more.

You’ve most likely used Google Search to discover or find out some information on a particular business recently. Maybe you were after their address, what hours they are open or you might have delved deeper to find out what other people have said about it, through Google Reviews.

Many consumers and organisations are already taking advantage of this online directory, however, if your business is not set-up already, here are five reasons on why it should be:


You could be missing out on potential leads and sales if you haven’t already signed up.

With 4 out of 5 consumers conducting a local search on search engines, such as Google, having a listing ensures that you are visible within the Google Search engine and Google Maps.  


With a verified account, you can update your information anytime and anywhere.

If you wish to adjust any information, whether you have a business rebrand or change of details, it will be rectified.  


Free advertising, what more could your business want?

Google My Business allows you to get on the web, on the map and stand out from the competition. The more detailed your profile, the better. Adding in additional business links such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can help your exposure and allow people to know more about your business.


Users could be making their way to your business as quickly as a couple of minutes after searching your Google My Business listing, using the directions directly delivered to them. If not, they might simply call you to receive direct interaction.

Google My Business also allows the integration of your social links such as Facebook, LinkedIn. This allows potential prospects to further get to know you. They can look to your Facebook to see what kind of things you post, whether this is blog information, specials, deals or upcoming events. Google My Business allows the further possibility for people to connect with your business.


Google My Business allows you to manage your data, including phone calls, number of searches, how someone found you and other methods of interaction on your listing.

With all the data accessible and simple to understand, Google Business Reviews can give you insights into how your company is progressing, in terms of its online exposure. See our blog on The Power of Review for further insight on Google Business Reviews.

If you would like to find out more about Google My Business and get assistance with setting-up and optimising your account, get in contact with the team at Greenfish Marketing today or give it a go yourself by clicking here.

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