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10 Reasons Every Business Needs A Welcome Series

By now, most of us know that email plays an important role in the digital marketing and communications mix but if your inbox is anything like ours, you’ve probably noticed it can be hard to stand out. There is a way to engage your database and hold their attention and it starts with a really good Welcome Series. A Welcome Series is an email sequence of automated messages that are sent to new subscribers after they opt into your email list.

We’re going through ten of the main reasons why your Welcome Series is one of your most powerful digital marketing measures below. 

1. Build Rapport

We know first impressions count and to make a good one and foster genuine relationships, you can’t just send people a long email of all the reasons why your company is great. A welcome email sequence enables you to introduce yourself and your business to new subscribers, which helps establish a connection and build rapport. It’s a better way to build relationships and make that great first impression with your audience. 

2. Set Expectations 

We’ve all gotten those random messages seemingly out of nowhere from some company we bought from years ago and had almost forgotten about. A Welcome Series helps ensure your subscribers don’t go through that shock. It outlines what people can expect, sets the tone for your interactions and ensures they look forward to instead of being surprised or disappointed by future contact with you. 

3. Increase Engagement

Because you’re sending your audience multiple messages in an organised flow, you’re helping to increase their uptake of your call to actions. You might want them to look at your signature product range in one email, follow you on social media in another and whatever else makes sense for your business goals and customer lifecycle. 

4. Add Value 

This is a great way to turn subscribers into loyal, repeat buyers. Offering subscriber exclusives and incentives not only has the potential to increase revenue, it also helps you build trust and credibility with your audience and increases the likelihood of them opening future emails. See how much benefit that provides both you and your customers? 

5. Reduce Unsubscribes 

When you’re setting clear expectations and creating a series of communication focused on building deeper engagement and relationships with your customers, you tend to keep your subscribers longer. Nobody wants a database of people who aren’t that engaged with their brand because these people don’t buy from you or refer you to others. 

6. Establish Your Brand Identity 

You want your customers to be able to recognise you and connect with your brand. A Welcome Series helps them to get to know you much deeper and with more authenticity than a transactional exchange can. If you want to be memorable you have to show people who you are and why they should care enough to keep doing business with you.  

7. Increase Conversions 

By providing valuable content, showcasing products and services and using persuasive calls to action, a welcome series can increase email marketing conversions. Welcome Series help set the digital stage for you to nurture leads, increase brand loyalty and drive sales. All the good things, right? 

8. Make It Personal

Email personalisation is more than putting their name in the subject line (though that can be really effective). A Welcome Series helps you to segment and target specific audiences and create the right message for them that is received at the right time for them to take the action you want them to. The best part is this happens automatically, a well optimised system will do the hard work for you. 

9. Emails Get Delivered

An email marketing system is only ever as good as your optimisation and data quality and undeliverable emails are something some marketers struggle with. Your Welcome Series helps you identify when you need to update customer information, while encouraging them to whitelist you (aka add your email to their address book) so your messages land in their inbox, not the spam folder. 

10. Emails Give You Invaluable Data

For email marketing to work well, you need to know your statistics. Things like your open and click through rates, whether or not messages convert to sales, those kinds of things. This information helps you connect with your audience on a deeper level by helping you see what content resonates most and also gives you accurate, helpful details to use in future marketing campaigns. We told you it’s a win-win for you and your customers. 

Get in touch for a FREE Strategy Call with the Greenfish Marketing Team. This isn’t a sales session, you will walk away with tailored and actionable information unique to your business. Reserve your time here.

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