Why You Should Use Shopify For Your Online Store

When it comes to deciding on an e-commerce platform for your business there’s a whole lot to consider. Not only is cost a major factor but shipping options, payment processes and SEO performance.

In today’s digital age it’s important to recognise the influence of social commerce and mobile shopping. Your business needs e-commerce software which will adapt to these new technologies and continue to evolve.

It’s important to recognise which platform is best for your company, in terms of budget, expertise and convenience. At Greenfish Marketing we are a Shopify certified partner and we recommend Shopify, here’s why…

Firstly, what is Shopify?

An all-in-one platform that allows you to “start, grow and manage” your business. 

Shopify is there to assist along every step, from creating and optimising your online store, to selling in multiple locations while managing your products, inventory, payments and shipping. 

It’s become the number one tool for many, with more than 600,000 online stores, 100 million online users and $82 billion worth of sales in 12 years. 

But why choose Spotify over other e-commerce platforms?

When it comes to making a decision, it’s important to note that it takes the right e-commerce platform for your business model to create traction. 8 out of 10 e-commerce sites will fail, therefore it’s essential that you choose a platform that can offer you a wide range of benefits. 

Shopify is an easy way to launch and monitor your business. It’s geared towards helping business owners, not only to make sales but to assist with other elements of your organisation as well. 

What are its benefits?


Shopify’s main feature is that it makes it easy to shop and manage your online store.

With over a hundred themes, the capacity to brand and customise your online store, a built-in mobile commerce site, ability to get assistance with Shopify experts and your own domain name; Shopify is a personalised and foolproof system.

There is plenty of ecommerce training course available that are designed around Shopify. Shopify has Shopify Compass, which is a great free resource. If you’re looking for a more independent course, the Boom Ecommerce is a good option.

Product management

If you are managing an online business, chances are you have some products to sell.

With Shopify, inventory management is made easy, not limiting the amount you can offer, while having the ability to offer a variation of products and taking care of the organisation of all your merchandise. 

Sell on different channels

Shopify allows you the convenience of selling on more than one platform.

Including the likes of eBay, Facebook Buy and Messager, the buy button and in-store POS, you can promote your products almost anywhere, while not being limited to just being sold on your website. Customers don’t even have to leave their social media platform to make a purchase. With that being said when targeting the appropriate audience on the right platforms for your company, a greater chance of conversions. 

Accept instant payments 

Want the ability to handle your cash flow? What business wouldn’t?

With Shopify, you can keep a track of your payments and account balance at any time, with the convenience of email notifications. Orders and payments are synced and it allows customers to pay their way, whether credit card or local payment method, while also at a competitive rate.

Automate your fulfilment processes

If you have an e-commerce store, it’s very likely that getting your orders out in an effective and efficient manner is essential.

Shopify can assist in fulfilling and tracking orders through its number of extensions, including apps such as Point of Sale, ShipStation and Order Print Templates.

24/7 Customer support 

The Shopify Help Center is your one-stop-shop for frequently asked questions online, as well as the ability to directly contact support on the phone, chat or through email. They have someone there to help at all times of the day.

Don’t want to be one of the 8 businesses that fail? Shopify may be the answer. Greenfish Marketing can assist you in getting the most out of this platform. Enquire with our team today.


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