11 Techniques to Personalise your Emails

11 Techniques to Personalise your Emails

Did you know there are 3.7 billion email users worldwide and the number is expected to reach 4.3 billion by 2022?

There is no hiding the fact that when it comes to getting the best Return on Investment (ROI), email marketing is the best technique. Want to know our secret to getting the absolute most out of this? Personalisation, personalising AND did we mention to personalise?

But What Exactly is Email Personalisation?

Email personalisation is a way by which you use the subscriber data to craft a tailor-made email for each recipient so that you connect to them on an individual level. While most people believe personalising an email means addressing the recipient on a first name basis… this is only the first step. The data that you use can be anything related to the subscriber, from name, birthday or last interaction.

The idea behind email personalisation is to make your recipient feel special while giving them content that they cannot ignore. You need to show them that you understand their needs and have the right tools or products that they need. 

Greenfish Marketing knows a thing or two about email and personalisation, and we’re more than willing to share our top 11 techniques: 

Technique #1: Find something familiar between the Recipient and you

It is basic human nature that you connect with someone quickly who has something in common with you. Sometimes a little background information from their LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter profiles can allow you to find common ground.

Making the email personal to the recipient has shown positive results in initial emails, decreasing the chances of throwing your email in the trash, or worse… going straight to spam.

Technique #2: Divide the Email List you’re Going to Send

Dividing your list, also known as segmentation, is an excellent way to personalise an email. Research has proved this to be accurate as segmented campaigns have increased email revenue by nearly 760%. Respectively, click through and open rates are also said to increase by 100.95% and 14.31%.

You can do this by collecting details like your subscriber’s age, hobbies and location in the subscription form. Once you’ve received these forms, you start with segmenting using CRM software which only sends them emails relevant to particular customers or prospects.

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Technique #3: Emphasise on Mutual Connections

Admit it, it’s frustrating to receive emails filled with advice on how to do your business from a total stranger. Now imagine sending a similar email to someone on your list.

This is where a personalised email with a mention of a mutual connection comes in. Because we often seek the validation of someone we know and trust. The email also puts trust on you, clarifies that you have done your research and you want to talk about serious business.

Technique #4: Use the right time and location

We all have a personal set of routines that we follow. This means that reading emails and responding to it is subjective to each individual and their schedule. Some might read their emails  at 9 am with a cup of coffee in their hands while others might interact at 5pm on the train home. The point is, all customers likely don’t have the same location and time preferences.

You’ll have to do your research and gather more information about your subscribers. To raise the chances that a subscriber opens and reads your emails, make it specific to times they are more likely to engage at.

Technique #5: Personalise name in image of the email.

If you’ve been using email marketing for a while now, you’d know that adding the recipient’s name in email works well in grabbing their attention. To add more attention-grabbing powers to the email, add their name in an image in your email. This is the new trend and many businesses are using this technique shamelessly. 

Why does it work? Because subscribers aren’t used to the idea of seeing their name on an image. It gives them a sense of importance and a VIP feeling. Now, there’s a higher chance they’ll engage with your brand through this positive interaction.

Technique #6: Email According to Specific URL in Subscriber’s Email

When you go through the list of emails in your data, there will always be groups of email addresses with a particular URL, gmail.com, for example. Separate each URL group and design a customised email like ‘for Gmail users only’. 

This way, you can create a specific discount offer and send it to them. This technique is even more effective if you’re operating a B2B-styled firm and send emails to people working in some hand-picked companies.

Technique #7: Addressing specific Pain Points

If you want to create a personalised email, then addressing your subscriber’s pain points is a highly effective way to do so. The reason behind this is that pain is an effective motivating factor. When you address your subscriber’s pain in a touching yet professional manner, it will help you connect with them. The chances of a positive response and a long-term bond also escalate higher.

But be aware, you need to find the right balance between personal and professional for this kind of email. A customer or contact shouldn’t feel like you’re getting too personal and question about how you found out so much about them. 

Technique #8: Add a little spice of compliment

Receiving a compliment has the same impact as hearing their name in an email. Start with mentioning their name and then use some praise which could be anything big or small but worth mentioning.

Hearing a compliment from you will subconsciously create a positive attitude towards your company. Even if they end up turning you down, you’d still be in their good books and keep the window of opportunities open for you in the future. You will stay in their minds, and they will consider you because your compliment stayed with them. The technique is valid even if the party in front of you knows that it’s a business tactic.

Technique #9: Use Automated Behavioural Trigger Emails

Automated Behavioural Trigger Emails are the ones that are sent based on a person’s behaviour on your website or email. Using this data, you can send relevant emails that are useful to them and in return, gain a sale for your business. 

Trigger emails are known to have a 152% more chance of being opened than a traditional email. These emails can be easily automated and sent for several actions like welcome, up-selling, cross-selling, re-engagement and many more. You can look for a specialist tool in the market according to your business needs that can send useful trigger emails.

Technique #10: Adding Personalisation to your Business

Although personalisation works wonders in email marketing, adding a little bit to your business can have magical results too. Through personalisation, you can make your business look less commercial and add more human connection with your clients. 

While professionalism is outstanding and valued, in today’s time, making your business a little informal and personal achieves excellent results. 

Technique #11: Syncing your Personalised Email and Landing Page

Email personalisation is an effective way in email marketing, but you can always do more to get better results. One such way is to sync your personalised email and the landing page. A personalised email that leads to a landing page with consistent content will click with the customers. 

It will give your customer a unified experience and make them more likely to say yes to your product. You can use this technique and personalise your landing page for each client you send an email. Research has shown this method to get outstanding results than the old way with a single landing page for all.

In the end

Email Personalisation is a widely used method that has proved to get your business results. These were some of the widely used techniques in the market, which people are using with significant effect. There is no limitation on how you can personalise your emails, as it all comes down to testing,  trialing and analysing to see what works best for your company. 

Need some more tips and tricks to personalise your email campaigns? The team at Greenfish Marketing are your experts in strategic and automated marketing, implementing the right techniques to optimise your digital strategy. Book a discovery call with a specialist today.

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