5 reasons to send an email newsletter

5 reasons to send an email newsletter

It’s that time of year leading up to the silly season, where we are all thinking about what we really want to be purchasing for the holidays – what to get our loved ones for Christmas, what we want to successfully end the year with and what is needed to bring us into the new year. COVID-19 has forced most of us onto our devices doing almost everything online and your customers have the time and the finances to spend on the products and services needed to achieve this. The end of November brings with it, CYBER WEEKEND! And what better way to reach out to your customers in anticipation than to send them email newsletters of just what’s on offer. Here are our 5 reasons that every business owner should consider when deciding whether email newsletters are right for their business. 

1.    Keep your business front of mind

When a customer is considering what to purchase and where to purchase from, it is imperative that they always have your brand at the centre of their thoughts. Sending an email newsletter will associate your audience with your business and when they’re ready to buy, they know that they can at least expect a regulated update from you that will ideally result in them completing their customer journey with a purchase. At a minimum, if someone is perusing through your email newsletter to see what your business has to offer, you will inevitably plant a seed and familiarise them with your brand. 

2.    Stay connected with your customers

The aim of an email newsletter is to continue engagement with your audience as if you would with a salesperson in your store. A simple, “Hi, how are you?” can start a whole conversation and indicates that you care about their business and how your products/services can improve their lives. Building trust with your audience will develop solid relationships for continual growth in sales and a superior customer experience. You may also want to think about providing discount codes or promotions for this nurtured audience to keep them coming back for more. If you don’t have a connection, you may not have a sale! Want to know more? Check out our blog all about the benefits of why every business should have a newsletter. 

Email Marketing Checklist

3.    Increase traffic to your website and social media

An email newsletter is the simplest and cheapest way to get more traffic to your website. A reliable lead is more likely to check their emails before going onto Google and searching for a specific product and the more ways to access your website, the more opportunity for sales. Links within an email to your website also assists from an analytical perspective – the more views to your site, the higher Google will rank your website’s credibility and the higher you appear on their search panel. Social media icons will also allow your audience to stay connected within a platform that they may be more familiar with or spend more time using and allows you to have another app to nurture the relationship. 

4.    Segment your audience and test your marketing strategies 

It can be difficult to build your audience and keep track of their activity and reliability along the way. Email automation platforms have the added feature of segmentation so you can target your audience specifically throughout your emails. If you’re sending an email newsletter to a variety of readers, you can easily turn certain elements of the email on/off to suit the different group of readers and you can use the information gathered from the data to further attract them in future. This will also allow you to test your marketing strategies. If you have a brand new promotion or you want to see the reaction to a change in your business – the easiest way to do so is a plug in your email newsletter. Having a link to your website can define the engagement and will save you a lot of money on advertising just to trial if it’s the right idea to go ahead with.  Check out and read more about the importance of segmenting your audience here

5.    Trigger and finalise sales 

You can’t have a customer unless they actually buy your product/service! It’s all good and well to have people interested in your business or support what you’re doing but without a genuine return on investment – your business is likely to fail. As Email Marketing experts, we know how frustrating it can be to see a potential customer’s activity throughout your site; putting items in their cart and not finalising the transaction but for some people it may just not be the right time. They might want to do more research, look around and gauge what it is about your business that will make them want to buy. This is where signing up to an email newsletter comes in. If a commitment cannot be made initially, it may take a little more nurturing to get them over the line. Tailor a newsletter that your audience will enjoy and this may be that extra little nudge they need or hopefully it’s just a matter of catching them at a time when they’re ready to purchase. 

Only you, the business owner knows what is right for your business but keeping up with trends is a MUST in this technological era. If your competitors are sending email newsletters to their audience and building strong relationships – you need to be right there next to them, staying connected and relevant. Templates can be easily tailored to target audiences and instead of spending thousands on advertising campaigns, you can trial your marketing strategies in an inexpensive and effective way. It’s easy to sit back and think that simple added features like a notification to complete your purchase or social media plugs will be enough to finalise sales but the reality is – customers have so much content nowadays, they want to feel like purchasing your product is exactly what they need and psychologically if they’re reading an email every week, fortnight or month from your business, it’s likely they’ll feel an attachment and want to buy. 

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Email Marketing Checklist

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