How Active Campaign Can Help Your Business

Whether you’re trying to accomplish something at home or at work, you need specific tools and resources to get the job done. 

Making a smoothie? You need a blender.

Hanging up a picture frame? You need a hook and hammer.

Need to leverage your marketing automation and start seeing results? You need Active Campaign

But what is Active Campaign?

This tool is described as a customer lifecycle management system, by way of contact management, lead scoring, dynamic content, split testing, customer relationship management (CRM), sales automation, site and event tracking. So basically, several tools making up an easy and accessible toolbox. 

And why might it help your business? Firstly, if you haven’t read our blog on the benefits of automation, we recommend you do. Marketing automation can enhance your customers’ experience, increase revenue and opportunities, as well as build on accountability, content and relationships. 

Whether your company runs on a small-scale or large, Active Campaign has a lot it can offer your company. Keep reading to find out what it can do for you:

Shorten the sale cycle while increasing conversions

You know those mundane tasks you might be doing throughout the week? Collecting, organising and analysing data, sending emails, creating landing pages, managing contact management, and the list goes on…

Active Campaign allows you to process some of these efforts automatically while notifying your sales team on any updates and assisting the nurturing of clients with the intention of closing deals and increasing customer retention.  

Manage your contacts

With your clients being the heart of your organisation, contact information is essential to succeed. More importantly, ensuring you are managing the correct and most recent data is essential.

Collecting and syncing contact details is made easier through Active Campaign, starting with an email address and building from that. It allows you to import through other platforms using the contact management features, as well as edit and add information manually.

Having your contact list with Active Campaign allows you to segment your audience for campaigns from many options including their location, website page visits, links they’ve clicked and custom fields you’ve created. If you haven’t seen our blog on the importance of segmentation, check it out here. Along with this, you can use the ‘Bulk Editor’ option to make the process more efficient. 

Active Campaign

Know your best leads

Active Campaign can generate lead scoring for your business which allows you to track engagement, know who to follow up with, as well as notify your team. 

By giving contacts a ‘magic number’ that goes up and down based on how they interact with your business, their actions and interest; you’ll be able to track if they visit your site, open an email, abandon a cart or submit a form, recognising who your best customers are. 

The system can differentiate if someone is ready to buy from you or you are at risk of losing them, therefore you can determine where to best apply your efforts. Start automating for your most interested contacts by sending them an offer that’s hard to refuse, and vice versa targeting your less interested prospects.

Email Marketing Checklist

Utilise other platforms 

With Active Campaign, you can implement the right sales software you use for your business, such as Shopify, Facebook and more than 250 others. 

It also allows you to connect with your preferred email provider, whether its Gmail, Outlook, or another. Using the chrome extension, you can also manage contacts from any page and create deals directly from your Gmail account. 

How can you find opportunities for automation? How do you measure whether automation is working for your company?

For access to the Active Campaign Website click here or to read more about Greenfish Marketing being an Active Campaign Certified Consultant click here.

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