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Best Practice Tips For Sending Emails

You know Greenfish Marketing are big fans of email marketing. In this era of paid search ads and social media reach, a well crafted email sent as part of your email marketing strategy can get big results for your business. We’ve seen companies double their revenue from email marketing in less than a year, just by changing how and when they send their emails.

It’s never just a matter of putting a few words and pictures together and hitting send though.

Here are our tips for how to do your email marketing well. 

Understand It’s All Marketing   

Transactional communication has its place and is important, but you need to consider every touch point you have with your customer as a way to strengthen the relationship and build your brand.

Every time your customers, subscribers, leads or other stakeholders see your name in their inbox, you’re telling them something about yourself.

Obviously online retailers have to send order confirmations and shipping information, but make sure you’re including these emails in your overall customer journey and creating an integrated marketing and communications plan that aligns with your business goals and strategy. 

Other Tips For Sending Better Emails 

  • Make sure you’re using your software properly. Even the most basic of email marketing clients have some powerful and fairly simple to set up tools and functions that can help you connect with your customers better. 
  • Review your software, tools and applications to make sure they not only best suit your needs now, but also allow for you to continue to grow and expand your business. 
  • Understand who you are sending your emails to and what you want them to feel or do with the information you are giving them. If you don’t know a lot about your audience’s demographics, preferences or behaviours, start building ways to get that feedback into your communication schedule now and review your results often.
  • Try something different. If you’re not A/B testing and analysing your email campaign data to understand what works, you’re possibly leaving money or opportunities sitting in people’s inboxes. 
  • Send the right message to the right people. The days of being able to put one general piece of content together and send to every subscriber are gone. Personalisation is key to email marketing done well, and this means you need to start sending to segments of your database, not blasting the whole list. 

Email Is Easy But Needs Effort

People are often a little taken aback when they hear our suggestions for how to get their email marketing strategy sorted. A lot of the steps and solutions are simple, common sense moves that you can implement almost straight away.

The real work lies in everything that happens before you’re ready to hit send. And that’s what Greenfish Marketing does best.

That’s why people like WebSavvy’s founder Mike Rhodes admit they’re “blown away” by our audit process and the benefit it has for your business.

We know how to make emails perform for your business because we spend the time getting to understand your business and its goals.

Find out more about our Email Marketing services here.

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