Taylor Robbins

We hired Stephen and the Greenfish Marketing team as we were growing rapidly and got to the point where we were bringing on close to 200 clients a month. Because of this growth, we recognised we needed to implement processors and procedures that worked alongside our existing CRM and also allowed us to seamlessly communicate to our new and existing client base via our website, email and phone. Not only did we require a system overhaul, we also needed to upskill, train and support our staff on the new structure to ensure client consistency. Stephen met with us once a week and worked with us on our system development so we could get to where we are now. 940+ active clients, an organised structure with processors in place which in-turn have created a streamline customer experience. We now know how to professionally communicate with our market across multiple channels, target new clients, maximise profits and keep our audience engaged. If your CRM system is in need of some help, Stephen and the Greenfish team are the people you need to call, in all honesty, amazing service.

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