5 Techniques to Scale Facebook Traffic Campaigns 

There are always opportunities to scale; no matter if it’s your first campaign or your hundredth, you’re a small business or large, your paid traffic campaigns are underperforming or they are skyrocketing above expectation.

Paid traffic can be an extremely powerful tool for a company or business wanting to articulate a message to potential customers. Facebook Ads allow these messages to be put in front of more customers and the right ones for the business’ marketing objectives.

The world of paid traffic can be quite overwhelming, however, we’re here to give you a few tips on scaling your campaign no matter what level your marketing campaign is at:

Increase your spend

The Budget Scaling Method is implemented when assessing that it will be beneficial to increase the spend of your company’s paid traffic without decreasing the ROI.

We suggest increasing the budget on your winning ads. However, don’t always expect the results to be the same, as the platform needs time to optimise. Obviously, the larger your audience the more room to scale.

It is essential to engage in the resources available. Facebook Ad Manager allows you to develop, implement and see the effects of your adverts with multiple key performance indicators that are relevant to your campaign. With that being said, don’t always rely on the algorithm.

Audience Insights

The Target Scaling Method is the tool you need to use to find more people like the ones that are converting. This is where you research the interests and demographics of warm and hot traffic (converting traffic) and develop new Ads and campaigns to target them.

This coincides with the Budget Scaling Method as once you have found your best converting ads, increase the budget on them. They have a proven record of converting the targetted audience into customers, so spend more to increase engagement.

If you can identify what keywords your target audience is searching for, this will help optimise your business’ paid marketing strategies, which in turn will increase ROI. Want to learn more about Facebook’s Audience Insights tool? Click here.

Lookalike Audiences

The “Lookalike + Broad Interests” leverages Facebook’s ability to find new audiences for your campaigns. This happens by Facebook identifying your best existing customers traits. Through assessing the information from custom audiences (warm traffic) facebook builds an audience of what these potential customers ‘look like’ (cold traffic) which you can then target.

In order to expand your reach and find new prospects interested in what you’re offering, targetting broad interests of your prospects is a good place to start. Facebook Ads Manager is a great resource for this. For example, the target interest for a bike shop might also include people interested in golf and skiing or other outdoor activities. You can dive even deeper and include things like magazines and publications they might be interested in or follow. Get creative with your use of demographics.

Facebook knows more than we do about the people we want to reach. But we know for a fact that targeting the audiences which you’ve essentially created can scale your campaigns enormously.

Recording tools inside the Ad Manager

Another benefit of Facebook Ad Manager is that it interprets the data for you. There isn’t a need to spend hours clicking through the platform and pulling information together. Facebook can give you tons of great data on the spot. This includes the demographics of the traffic from your ads, such as age, gender and placement (whether they’re using a desktop or mobile), plus a multitude of other key indicators that may be relevant to your campaign.

Find what placements, demographics and other key performance indicators are running the best for your campaign and scale them. This is also known as ‘Trimming the Fat”. Let the data tell you what’s working and scale it, and tell you whats not and finish it.

Duplicate your best Ad Sets

If an advertisement performed well, why not save yourself time and money by duplicating it for a new campaign?

It’s important to note that Ad fatigue exists in the world of digital marketing. In order to overcome this, adjusting the copy and creatives of the campaign can assist the Ad Set in performing even better than last time. This can also ensure in creating long-lasting campaigns which once again deliver ROI.

Need help implementing these techniques into your digital marketing strategy? Greenfish Marketing can assist in getting the most out of your paid traffic campaigns. Get in touch to find out more.

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