Strategic Marketing

We integrate Marketing and Communication strategies to assist businesses to stand out from their competitors and achieve exponential growth. Using targeted tactics to engage and increase awareness with prospects, and acquire and nurture customers.

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Customer Journey Workshop

The most important part of obtaining and nurturing customers is understanding their journey when dealing with your business. In this highly informative workshop, we explain the essential structure that every business needs to know when trying to understand their potential and existing customer’s full potential and how to execute a plan that is designed specifically for them.

Client Profile Workshop

Every business needs to establish a set of client profiles that easily identify their target audience. When advertising and marketing, you need to understand who you’re talking to, how they prefer to be spoken to and where to best engage with them. This workshop will not only assist your business to understand your audience but it will give you a better understanding of your business’ goals and purpose.


‘Why’ Business Workshop

Once you have established ‘who’ you are marketing to, it’s now time to review and understand the ‘why’ within your business. This workshop is designed for the business owner who is dedicated to their business and their customers. Not only giving you a chance to reiterate the reasons why you started your business but also to envisage the journey from your customer’s perspective to ultimately understand ‘why’ they would want to purchase your products and services.

System Mapping Workshop

There is no idea worth executing without a plan. If you know who you are targeting, where to find your ideal audience, how to communicate with them and why they need your product or service – you will be ready to map out a systematic plan. This mapping workshop will help you to not only set a timeframe on delivery but it will ensure that you are periodically reviewing your plan to success.

Communication Planning

You’re ready to start your strategic marketing process and feel confident with your marketing plan. There are many businesses that get to this step and assume they’re ready for their audience without a strategy for communication. This would be like an actor not rehearsing lines, vaguely knowing what to say. Your customers deserve to see your best performance. We assist your business to design a communication plan to engage with your target audience.

90 Day Strategic Planning

Every plan needs a manageable target to implement strategic initiatives. It is said that a 90-day period is the most effective timeframe to enact your vision. It is impractical to think that you can achieve your marketing and communication goals within a month and it is too overwhelming to execute a plan on an annual basis. We believe in the power of a 90-day strategic plan and will assist your business to implement on your business’ road to success.

Membership Planning

There are plenty of ways that you can design a membership plan for your target market. You want your potential clients to view their membership as something that they NEED. You may use free trials, multiple tiers or have an option for short term memberships to get your audience to sign up! But knowing how to do this with the right content marketing can be difficult. We can assist your business to find the most effective and efficient way of structuring your membership options.



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