Accru Melbourne are part of an award winning national financial services & accountancy group. 

The Issue

Accru Melbourne were not reaching a new audience with their service offering, or marketing effectively to their existing clients.

Project Overview:


The Solution

Upon review of the existing website, it was determined that a local online presence was required for the business and a new website was built. 

Downloadable content was developed to support the key business services and help generate client leads.  

Monthly newsletters were restructured to present more engaging and relevant content.  

The customer communication funnel was clearly defined and automated systems put in place.  


The result has been a dynamic website that works for existing and new clients

We knew we needed a digital marketing strategy, but in a space that changes every day we didn’t know where to start.  Greenfish Marketing and Stephen Berry took the time to understand our business and create a digital solution that aligned our business strategy with our digital marketing strategy. The result has been a dynamic website that works for existing and new clients, an engaged an active internal team and a communication and marketing strategy that attracts the right customers. I highly recommend Greenfish Marketing to any business that needs to transform their marketing function.


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