Klaviyo is a growth marketing platform enabling brands to build unlimited high-value relationships through email, mobile and on the web.

GREENFISH MARKETING email automation

Klaviyo Set Up

We assist businesses to specifically design quality email marketing campaigns within a system that allows you to store all of a business’ customer data in the same place. Klaviyo’s revolutionary features will make your marketing automations stand out from your competitors and can guarantee revenue growth for your business.

Klaviyo Audits

We have seen a shift in the amount of users on Klaviyo and with no need for programming skills, we have seen customers using this platform easily to send their email marketing campaigns. The best features in Klaviyo however are around the accessibility to a range of client data including measuring revenue.

With our expert knowledge and experience, we can assist in getting the most out of your automations and utilise all of the advanced features that Klaviyo offers.


Klaviyo Automations

Sending emails to your customers may seem like an easy task especially with a platform that is user friendly but we have found that businesses can start this process then inevitably lose momentum and get off track. As experts in Automation Marketing, we can ensure that you are profiting from your email marketing campaigns and getting the most out of your Klaviyo subscription.

GREENFISH MARKETING Klaviyo automations